21 May 2007

Find your Malèna moment

For those of you who haven't yet seen the 2000 Giuseppe Tornatore helmed film Malèna, the film and the eponymous character that finally made Monica Bellucci an American household name, you need right this second to fake a fever, head to your nearest Borders - this is a keeper, not a renter - scoop up an ice-pack or two at the package store and carve out the most comfortable space in front of your TV.

Beyond its Italian cinematographic backdrop and charming boy-crushes-on-older-woman-three-times-his-age storyline, it was the theme of female empowerment that most soundly resonated with me each of the three times - two of which were unaccompanied - I paid the Avon's inflated arthouse-movie fee to see la Bellucci "just one more time" in all her curvy glory. What I took away most from the film was the lesson that the positive power of feminine wiles, defined as self-confidence mingled with self-awareness in tandem with whip-quick thinking joined by an I'll-do-it brazenness and an it-just-doesn't-turn-off sexiness, if skillfully embraced by their owner, can cripple even the richest, most seasoned, most self-assured man at any game. Even his game.

I haven't had the pleasure to watch Malèna in a good number of years, but its message, its leading lady, its fitted all-black knee-length hems and curve-of-the-hip silhouettes and this scene I've included below - my favorite - is with me every time I leave my front door.

And today was no exception. As I debuted my new high-waisted black-scribble print pencil skirt with a fitted black sleeveless shell, black satin rosette-adorned peeptoe pumps and a cherry-red headband for that punch of take-notice color, I couldn't help but consciously channel a bit of Malèna's famous this-is-me-and-I'm-fabulous strut. Aided, of course, in my own way with the three-song walk-to-work set of Def Leppard's "Pour Some Sugar on Me," ZZ Top's "Legs" and Heart's "Barracuda."

The original, the best, the walk and sullen-looking sit we all have somewhere inside of us:


bff in chicago said...

she'd have been ever sexier had she kept the long dark hair, but I'm with you on the make everyone gawk thing. there's no feeling like it in the world, especially when you know you're dressed like a lady, not a tramp.

denver fan said...

thanks for the tip - I just added it to my Netflix!

Anonymous said...

But doesn't she get her hair shaved off at the end for whoring herself out to Nazi's?

I'm a bigger fan of Zwartboek and Carice van Houten lately. Aren't you?