10 May 2007

Let the Spring clearance begin!

The first peek at the upcoming blockbusters, the opening of rooftop pools everywhere, finding that unexpected burst of Spring crush on a street corner -- I could go on and on as to why May is the best month of the year.

But while seeing Michael Bay movies, getting your bikini tan on and falling in love are certainly important and serve as justified reasons to anticipate the end of April, May, for me, is about one thing and one thing alone: the first round of clearance cuts.

The prices may be higher now than they will be in three weeks, but experience has taught me that if you love it, really love it, snap it up now before your size is gone.

In the end, ladies, Summer releases are never as good as Winter ones, tanning is an activity that really doesn't require natural sunlight and love...well, at present, I find clothes and shoes to be more satisfying.

Happy Spring shopping!

Long jersey dress by Tart ($99 at southmoonunder.com)
Peeptoe twist pumps by Nina ($61.60 at southmoonunder.com)
Curved print blouse by Harkham ($80 at azaleaonline.com)
Bow halter top by Milly ($145 at azaleaonline.com)*
Puff sleeve jacket by Corey Lynn Calter ($100 at azaleaonline.com)
Gavi gladiator sandal by KORS Michael Kors ($129 at eluxury.com)
Casey blouse by Edun ($79 at eluxury.com)
Shawl collar dress by Lauren Moffat ($261 at net-a-porter.com)*
Short shorts by Johnson ($89 at revolveclothing.com)
Cassilda dress by Iodice ($142 at revolveclothing.com)
Spirit bra by Elle Macpherson intimates ($39.90 at nordstrom.com)
Spirit boyshorts by Elle Macpherson intimates ($19.90 at nordstrom.com)
Wanton pump by Charles David ($143.90 at nordstrom.com)
Seersucker pencil skirt by Charles Nolan ($152.60 at saks.com)
Ruffled shirt by Theory ($99.90 at saks.com)
Justin vintage print wrapdress by DVF ($195 at saks.com)*
Pencil-leg cords by J Brand ($48 at activeendeavors.com)
Ava 011 jeans by Citizens of Humanity ($111 at activeendeavors.com)
Labyrinth blouse by Fei ($49.95 at anthropologie.com)
Helium scoopneck by Velvet ($29.95 at anthropologie.com)
Recollection dress by Odille ($59.95 at anthropologie.com)

*your editrix's top picks


holiday said...

There are so many sales I can hardly stand it. I hit up the Saks Friends & Family sale as well as the Neiman Marcus and Saks Private Sales this weekend. I'll have to let my credit cards cool off in preparations of final markdowns in June.

brown rowergirl said...

I can't even afford to look at this post right now.

Why can't I lower my ethical standards enough to really go out and find myself a sugar daddy?


jkuo said...

damn girl! i just got the nina's at nordstrom's for $90. what's up south moon under!

Johanna said...


Take 'em back! $30 is too much of a difference to let it slide.

That's a whole fifth of gin!