27 May 2007

Gone tannin' (pt. II)

After the wicked migraine brought on by drinking a half-bottle of Moët & Chandon with a jigger of Palma pomegranate liqueur in yesterday's 92 degree heat, I've decided to make today's field trip to the only pool in SW a little less Delta Delta Delta Vandy-chapter inspired.

So, instead of drinking $25 worth of Champagne from my out-of-town friend's fridge (kudos to R for his generosity), today I'm gonna just stick to Volvic and fruit punch Gatorade.

Instead of InStyle, I'll listen to last week's "Nightline" podcasts and read those three Dorothy Parker short stories I've been saving for a rainy day.

Instead of Akon and Britney, I think I'll revisit the soundtrack of my early childhood with some Everly Brothers, Dion, Fats Domino, Buddy Holly, The Archies and Johnny Rivers.

Instead of channeling Eva Mendes' hotness (I won't lie, that love-scenes-make-me-nervous bullshit she pulled in Cannes took her down a notch for me), I think I'll make a rare turn for a blonde with the recently-crowned "hottest damn woman period" by the sports show of similar name, six-year SI swimsuit issue veteran, Ms. Marisa Miller.

And just because I'm the kind of woman who likes to share the spoils of her Internet searches with her friends, here below are a few snaps from Marisa's most recent photoshoot.

I do warn you, though, check body-confidence at the door before you take a peek. I forgot to do so and am now bandying between a full-coverage one-piece and a makeshift burkha.

And because my Mom thinks I should talk about boys more...


new reader said...

I love that your Mom reads your blog! I can't even imagine what my Mom would say about 99% of the stuff you write...

Marisa's figure is sick hot. Thanks for the reminder. No really, thanks, can't wait to put my suit on now.

Love the blog, btw!

intern in the city said...

Marisa is a goddess. I'd def trade sides for a day for her. She's on both my and my boyfriend's top 10 lists.

So is Clive. On mine, obviously!

Anonymous said...

I'm more a Petra Nemcova fan. But who doesn't love Clive? Man, woman, young, old, animal, mineral, vegetable... Speaking of which, what's your close analysis of Clive and Natalie Portman in Closer? Can anything be hotter?

Johanna said...

I like Petra's face - it's gorgeous - but Marisa, in my opinion, beats her in the body category. And for bikini inspiration, it's more about the bod than the mug.

As for Natalie and Clive in "Closer"...that relationship made me really uncomfortable, because no matter how hot they looked and the private-room scene was, it was plainly obvious how much in love each of them still was with Jude and Julia, respectively. It was mutual desperation that brought them together, not love.

Anonymous said...

Despite what they say, it's all about the mug... at least to the ones who matter.

But you are so right about that scene. Except that there is something so delicious about mutual desperation, and about how uncomfortable it is. That's what makes it so hot, isn't it?

And isn't there something about the sad puppy dog eyes that Clive has that gives him the ability to make every role seem somewhat desperate? Somewhat hungry, perhaps?

I mean, what's love got to do with it, love?

Johanna said...

Clive is that kind of caveman hot women can't help but be drawn toward...you're right, he's got those puppy-dog eyes but he's also got that powerful body that could just as easily throw you in bed or beat a guy within an inch of life.

In a word: hot.

And that gravely-voice and British accent certainly don't hurt, either...

Anonymous said...

Most of them just have the puppy dog eyes, don't they? Or they break all the china and the Jonathan Adler vases... What's a girl to do?