04 May 2007

'Cause one dress wasn't enough for you

Okay, okay, I get it, a one-dress recommendation for Wedding Season 2007 was insufficient.

You write, I listen, so here are a few more ultra-special dresses - 15 to be exact - to help make whomever's ultra-special day that much more ultra-special.

Some could bridge the office-to-wedding-reception transition, others toe the line, and some, like the first one, aren't a good idea unless you've already given your two weeks notice.

I don't really have much more to add - if it wasn't glaringly obvious already, I rate attending weddings about as highly as a biannual trip to the DMV - except that I hope you get seconds on cake, I hope you're seated at one of the good tables (because we all know what the alternative is like), and most important, I really, really hope your bride and groom allocate enough money in their six-figure budget for a Mo√ęt & Chandon toast, because nothing packs a more sobering punch to the gut to remind you you're stuck for three-plus hours at a big, bad, interesting-conversation-free wedding than a quarter-full flute of bitter Brut.

And please don't forget to abide by my five simple formal dress rules (listed below). If you're unsure if you've crossed the line, err on the side of caution and get a buddy-check with the "honest" friend, not the "nice" friend, not the "it's-the-inner-beauty-that-matters-most" friend, but the honest friend. And if you don't have one, send the picture to me at aseriousjobisnoexcuse@gmail.com, and I will gladly give it to you straight. Ask L, ask E, ask C, ask R -- I have no qualms about telling my best friends when they've entered into trashy, too-tight, unflattering or just plain I-don't-think-so territory.

Your rules:

(1) if you don't have the shoulders, don't do strapless
(2) if you don't have the upper arms, don't do sleeveless
(3) if you don't have the back, don't do the halter
(4) do NOT wear a minidress
(5) do NOT bare cleavage

Ladies, your dresses:

Palm silk jacquard bubble dress by Nicole Miller ($207 at bluefly.com)*

Butterfly sleeve silk dress by Mara Hoffman ($360 at intermixonline.com)
Eloise dress by Milly ($330 at azaleaonline.com)

Jacquard Gerritt dress by Tory Burch ($350 at toryburch.com)

Tie-around dress by L.A.M.B. ($285 at shopbop.com)

Halter dress by Rebecca Taylor ($350 at activeendeavors.com)*

Cinched cowl dress by Rachel Pally ($216 at activeendeavors.com)

Caladesi dress by Mon Petit Oiseau ($268 at anthropologie.com)

Mermaid jacquard dress by Betsey Johnson ($183 at betseyjohnson.com)

Red rose print dress by Anna Sui ($398 at edressme.com)

Sipra dress by Saks Signature ($321 at saks.com)*

Brea wrapdress by Diane von Furstenberg ($237.90 at saks.com)

Silk waisty dress by Foley + Corinna ($389 at revolveclothing.com)

Fraufliese dress by Susana Monaco ($264 at revolveclothing.com)

Vivalla dress by Theory ($275 at pinkmascara.com)

*your editrix's top picks


Brunch Bird said...

I'm sure you have a very fancypants important job, but the ladies of D.C. have but one simple request: quit and open a boutique in Northwest please. Seriously, we're not above begging.
Thank you.

dc girl said...

I agree with Brunch Bird! But instead of quitting your current job entirely, perhaps you could convince your company to let you do both. Wouldn't want to let those Chinese skills fall to waste -- our country depends on you!

etcetera said...

glad you revisited this topic. while i liked your dvf pick before, i just dont see myself in long sleeves for summer weddings.

sadly, the budget requires me to recycle the Wedding Season dress i bought for summer 04. at least it's still cute and stylish. i think. i hope.

my other option would be rading brunchbird's closet. which i might be doing on saturday.

Noelle said...

etcetera, you can totally get a cute, inexpensive Wedding Season dress in a similar style to those that our lovely Editrix posted this morning. Use these pictures as a guide and head to the closest H&M near you. If you want a dress even less expensive, but also trendy, I recommend Forever 21 or even Target. The quality of the clothes isn't fantastic, but if you only need to wear the dress for the occassional wedding, you can probably get away with it!

Johanna said...

Girls -

All the time with this blog I struggle with the do-I-find-the-item-I-like-the-most-or-the-item-I-can-afford dilemma. In the end, I decided to go with the former and like, Noelle wisely recommended, leave it to you to search high and low for the cuts/prints in less expensive alternatives.

I did my best to stay under $400, but I know that for most of us (myself included) even that amount - even for an entire season - is still a financial impossibility. I hope you find something you like, or were at least inspired to go out and find something similar!


etcetera said...

noelle and johanna - i hear ya. good suggestions. i think i'd rather wear a 3 year old Laundry by Shelli Segal dress than a current H and M number. i love H&M for some good *inexpensive* items, dont get me wrong...

johanna - i understand the whatyoulove vs. whatyoucanafford dilemma. the daily feature of "sugar daddy/since i dont" is a great antidote to some of the other high-end stuff.