03 April 2007

This will never be me. Ever.

But I still pre-ordered my ticket for its April 13th opening just to see what pathetic dog people are like.

Because I cannot relate to them.

And their desire to spend the entirety of a weekend sitting at home watching reruns of "To Catch a Predator" and "The Soup" while throwing around what used to be a tie-dyed squeaky ball but is now a de-squeaked, de-stuffed, always wet, often strategically nudged between the bed frame and the wall piece of red/yellow/green/blue/purple fabric.

At all.

And never will

The trailer for "Year of the Dog":


M said...

The picture of your pooch as a pup with the trish hampton leash is so prec!

jessica said...

"Do you sleep with your dogs?"


So cute! But doesn't everybody sleep with their dogs? I certainly could never be with a guy who didn't love my dog and let her sleep with us. Non negotiable, as you often say!

Brooke said...

Have you been watching How to Catch an ID Theif??? FASCINATING!!

Anonymous said...

That movie looks sweet. And Monte is perfect with a capital "P".

Anonymous said...

Are dogs allowed in to PG-13 movies? or will Monte have to stay home?

brown rowergirl said...

I hate to say it, but that movie looks really good...and so do you in that first picture :-) Daaamn, girl, you look so thin!

is that photo framed in your office or up on your fridge? Or both?