07 April 2007

The Spring essentials (pt. I)

In every fashion magazine I've skimmed (InStyle, Allure, and Glamour) given a thoughtful once-over (W, Elle and Jane) and pored over in tireless detail (Bazaar and Marie Claire ) since February, I've come across no fewer than a dozen "2007's Five Spring Essentials" features.

Some of these "essentials" I agree with, some I don't, and some - chunky lucite bangles and berry-colored silk headwraps, for example - make me think certain editors have been trapped for far too long with far too few meals in the couture bubble that is the New York City, Paris, and Milan fashion circuit to really understand what the concept of "an essential" is anymore.

In my opinion, an essential is that which you hope to use not only this season but in seasons to come. An essential is an item that can transition easily from day to night, from he'll-do date to you-know-he's-the-one date, and from Lounge 201 happy hour to Town & Country post-symphony cognac. An essential is what it sounds like, an essential part of your wardrobe -- something once you own and enjoy the benefits thereof, you really couldn't live without it.

In no particular order, here are my picks - 10 of 'em, because I couldn't pare down to just 5 - for every DC working girl's Spring essentials:

1. A mid-length khaki trenchcoat

2. A patterned wrapdress

3. A short-sleeved tailored white oxford shirt

4. A non-denim, non-khaki pair of dress shorts

5. A high-quality bronzer

6. A pair of round-toed flats

7. A comfortable wide headband

8. A tissue-soft dress tee

9. A pair of three-plus-inch black peeptoes

10. An A-line skirt in a bright color

Justifications, descriptions, recommendations and the shortlist of items that came thisclose to making the cut to come tomorrow.

Until then, have a good long look at Scarlett.


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I can't wait to see pt. II!