18 April 2007

Post-work research

Since the weather is marginally warmer today, I'm going to take a good long heel-hike up and down ConnAve between K Street and Dupont Circle and find me some good blog fodder.

Unfortunately, this "sexy detective" costume, which comes complete with cropped plaid bustier, vibrating-handled magnifying glass and collar-matching wristlets that, from my sharp eye, look like they could easily double as sturdy bed-bindings for that incorrigible suspect with the uncooperative attitude and pillowy lips, is only available to individuals with Australian mailing addresses as specified on the New South Wales' based Adult Costume Shop's website.

In its place, I'll just have to do what I can in this matronly body-hugging wrapdress, pedestrian 4-inch peeptoes and boring-as-church black lace balconet-and-boyshorts get-up.

At least a taste of my post-work style street report to come later tonight.

Unless, that is, I have a few glasses of Cava when I get home and decide to create my own makeshift "sexy detective" costume, in which case, it might be tomorrow. Or Sunday.


nyc admirer said...

I haven't had Cava in years! Do you really keep that at home?

Of course you do.

Can't wait to hear about your makeshift outfit.

"Bed-bindings"? Hmmm...

west coast devotee said...

I bet you could find something similar at a U.S. store.

If not, have your GFs over for a craft Saturday -- don't girls do that kind of thing?

bff in chicago said...

Pillowy lips, eh?

I know who you're talking about...and you're right-on with that description. Like two big friggin' pillows they are. Probably goes through vats of Carmex every year.

He'll come 'round, sweetie. If he has any brains, anyway.