16 April 2007

The *perfect* video

Amy Winehouse's newly-released video, "Back to Black," has officially dethroned long-time tri-champions "Just a friend" (Biz Markie), "These dreams" (Heart) and "Not a girl, not yet a woman" (Britney Spears) as the *perfect* video.

I know what you're thinking, how can anything beat Britney in her toned-belly prime standing barefoot on a cliff purring about life "not always going [her] way"? And while I might have agreed with you until last Friday, once I saw the saucy vision that is Ms. Winehouse belt out my can't-take-it-off-repeat song-of-the-week in full film-noir-like glory, I had no choice but to declare a new 'perfect video' victor.

"Back to Black" has everything: closeups of Amy's gothy-sexy eye makeup, lingering footage of her lovely legs in a fitted pencil skirt and patent peeptoe slingbacks, frequent aerial views of her perky tattoo-hugged cleavage, and good long looks at her not-for-me-but-she-makes-it-work beauty-mark-piercing.

And my goodness, those lips.

But beyond all the eye and ear candy, there's also a really great concept at work.

Any girl who's had her heart broken has indulged in a solo pity party - sometimes for days, sometimes for forever - but what about a sent-out-invites, full-on pity funeral with a somber procession, a wake and headstone all for you, you YOU?

Leave it to me, I suppose, to anoint a new level of selfishness "a really great concept."

For hyperbole and Amy at their best, take in the video for "Back to Black":


west coast devotee said...

Downloaded it. Love it.

And yes, she does have nice lips.

a fan said...

Agree with you on everything about her but the piercing. Totally ruins her. Tattoos, too.

But her voice and those lips (!!) might cancel them out.

denver fan said...

Aside from the ridiculous hair, I love her look. Even the eyeliner!