16 April 2007

go, go GO (just don't tell me about it)

Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W. 18th St., between 6th/7th St.
Friday 4/20, 1-8pm
Saturday 4/21, 11am-6pm

$20 admission fee (click here for a $5 coupon)

If you've been waiting for that perfect weekend to take the Chinatown bus to visit those college friends having more fun and eating better sushi than you in Manhattan, put it off no longer -- this weekend is the weekend.

Pack your makeup bags, your cute and super-cute shoes, a bottle of wine (as payment for your couch-crash) and plan to spend your entire Saturday afternoon perusing the more than 85 vintage vendors, including my personal favorites, Tahir Boutique and '40s Forward, in booths 49 and 63, respectively.

Oh, and if you happen to pass by the people at Frock and they insist on giving you the mint green wool Pierre Cardin rolled-neck mini dress with 3/4 length sleeves, please take it and you and I will work out a convenient dead-drop at a later time.

Happy vintage-ing!

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