23 April 2007

The perfect day for a lunch-time tan

This being my third post in three days having to do with suntanning, you all are probably thinking I have a skin cancer death-wish.

And while I don't have any convincing evidence to dispute this claim - perhaps in itself an admission of guilt - I can assure you that even though I spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing over things like which neckline and hemline to wear to maximize my shoulders' and legs' sun intake, the angles at which the sun hits the various parts of my body, and the amount of time I'm facing the sun versus having it at my back, I'm still a very responsible young lady when it comes to protecting that which is most valuable to me.

No, after my legs.

After my bah'um.

No, no before all that shit on my resume.

Yes, that's right -- my *face*.

Beginning with J.Lo's professed favorite and ending with those that even a lowly analyst can afford, here are my picks for the most effective non-prescription sun-shielding daily facial moisturizers:

1. La Mer by Creme da le Mer ($195 at neimanmarcus.com)
2.Repairwear Day SPF 15 by Clinique ($47 at clinique.com)
3. Protective Face Lotion SPF 15 by Bobbi Brown ($45 at saks.com)
4. Protective Moisturizer SPF 15 by Trish McEvoy ($40 at saks.com)
5. Abyssine Lotion SPF 15 by Kiehl's ($40 at kiehls.com)
6. Daily Protective Moisturizer by DDF ($36 at sephora.com)
7. Waterproof SPF 30 by Murad ($35 at sephora.com)
8. Total Effects Vitamin Complex by Oil of Olay ($17.99 at drugstore.com)*
9. Healthy Defense Daily SPF 30 by Neutrogena ($13.99 at cvs.com)
10. Daily Facial Moisturizer by Cetaphil ($9.99 at drugstore.com)

*what your editrix's uses

So swipe on some Kiehl's Lib Balm SPF 15, grab your book, your 400 calorie lunch (300 if you aren't working out today) and I'll meet you - and the large homeless contingent - in the roundabout park in 15!

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