25 April 2007

The other half of "Fugs-n-Jugs"

This doesn't usually happen, but for some reason, a spell of OCD has come over me and I feel compelled - no, obligated - to reestablish equilibrium in my small corner of the blogosphere by posting something about Jessica Simpson's current flame John "the poor man's Peter Cetera" Mayer.

Since I don't really "do" men's fashion and he doesn't really live a gossipy existence other than having a reputation for enjoying "really dirty sex" (triple yawn), I've decided to share with you "I'm Gonna Find Another You," otherwise known as the only reason to consider buying the mop-topped crooner's latest album, Continuum.

Whenever I listen to this song, I can't help but envision John, broken-hearted, singing these lines one day in the post-Jessica future. I wonder if he'll amend the "If I'm forced to find another/I hope she looks like you" lyric to something slightly more along the lines of "If I'm forced to find another/I hope she offers intellectual challenge" or "If I'm forced to find another/I hope she doesn't ask so many questions during Coen Brothers' films." Just a thought.

So here below is the Fugs half of Fugs-n-Jugs singing the most honest moving-on-'cause-I-ain't-got-no-choice song I've heard since Eamon's romantic 2004 ballad, "Fuck it (I don't want you back)."

"I'm Gonna Find Another You" by John Mayer:


Anonymous said...

I love him! Great song!

west coast devotee said...

"The poor man's Peter Cetera"?

You are such an adorable little oddball. Please don't tell me you have Chicago iTunes on that iPod of yours. Or at least not more Chicago songs than Cheap Trick songs. Now *there's* a good old school band.