24 April 2007

Irony thick, Kate's waistline not so much

I swear, Kate Bosworth's publicist must have a sense of humor of the blackest sort.

How else can you explain this and now this series of pictures of the young actress looking admittedly better than in past outings but still skinnier than a roll of Rolos posing at, of all places, the Food Bank of New York City’s annual Can-Do awards gala with a stripe of caution-tape flailing in the wind?

Thankfully, Ms. Bosworth and her stylist chose for her a lovely seafoam green tea-length ChloƩ dress with high, ruffled-neck and pleated skirt that completely covers both her washboard chest and so-sinewy-you-have-to-look-away thighs. Unfortunately, the back of the dress is wide-open, but being the kind soul I sometimes am and it being so close to dinner-time, I chose not to post those pictures.

Can't say I'm crazy about her painted face, though the contrast of the deep crimson lips against her dewy sunkissed skin is quite striking.

At the rate Kate's gaining weight, she should be back in fighting form (i.e. her Blue Crush weight) in about...yeah, it's never gonna happen.

My recommendation:

(Liv Tyler + Kate Bosworth) ÷ 2 = killing two birds with one stone


Anonymous said...

You can't go a week without naggin on Liv, can you?

But you're right, Kate's looking a little bit better! Not Blue Crush Kate, but better.

dc girl said...

She looks TONS better!

west coast devotee said...

She still looks too thin to me, but who am I to judge, I'm just a guy.

Experience has shown me that a male's opinion in matters such as this is as useful as a broken Tivo.

jessica said...

I love that dress! The jeweled belt is a bit much, but that neckline is gorgeous.

elle said...

Liv is just about my dream girl; I'm a sucker for the Catherine Zeta-Jones types. Maybe it's because I'm a glamourous brunette and can relate.

I thought Kate looked fantastic in "Blue Crush," but those razor collarbones of death distracted me in the latest "Superman." Ay, yi yi.

Johanna said...

Glamorous brunette to Glamorous Brunette:

I'm a Monica Bellucci lady, so please don't think I like 'em skinny-minnie, because I certainly *don't*. That being said, I'm truly fascinated with Liv's up-and-down weight. She looks like a different person every time I see her.

Catherine Zeta-Jones is out of this world, I'll agree with you on that one. I've always said that she would look out of place *not* in an evening gown. Talk about glamorous!