08 March 2007

Well, I'll be!

Jumbly-thighs Barton and her didn't-she-just-check-into-rehab? sister Hania decided to kick it too-cool-for-school style yesterday while shopping in Beverly Hills with what little money Mischa has left from her Keds and Bebe contracts.

Typically, I don't just dislike Mischa's style, I laugh out loud at it. To be fair, it's not completely her clothing choices that put me in a fit of giggles (though many of them do), it's also her sugar-cone-shaped legs. I honestly can't look at her in a minidress without thinking of her head as the swirl-tip of a soft-serve.

You can imagine my pleasant surprise, then, when I saw this photo of the Barton sisters and not just liked but loved Mischa's ethnic-collared blousant mini with wide-leather belt cinch. The dress almost made me forget the stomach cramps I got when I noticed her zombie toes hanging off the ends of her Michael Kors criss-cross wedges.

Her sister isn't famous enough for me to care about - and thus critique - but I will give her snaps for her Rachel-Bilson-wore-it-first red tights with black shoes look.

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bff in chicago said...

I would never trade my bigger legs for her cone-legs. At least I know I have the *potential* for Fergie legs if I work my ass off at the gym. Poor Mischa will always be cone-shaped.

That cellulite pic was NASTY.