10 March 2007

The spring-is-on-its-way blouse

A couple of weeks ago, I gave you the spring-is-on-its-way jacket. Today, on this first morning of my 27th year where I didn't regret walking my puppy in flip-flops and an up-top commando, ultra-thin pale yellow "Little Miss Chatterbox" tee, I was inspired to provide for you a collection of mid-weight blouses that can be comfortably worn on their own or paired with a lightweight jacket in 55-70 degree temperatures.

Among these fifteen, the range is wide, extending from pushing-summer-outdoor-brunch-wear to casual-Friday-to-work-wear to front-runner-for-next-Thursday's-date-at-the-Ritz-wear.

Or, if all goes well, a blouse that seamlessly bridges that Thursday night date to the casual Friday at work.

What? All that matters is that you know you only watched Tivo-d episodes of "The Colbert Report" and sipped Diet Sunkists until you fell asleep in one of his oversized West Palm Beach Golf Club tees.

Just promise me that if you choose a silk or satin blouse, you'll hang it up before retiring to bed.

Spring is on its way, ladies, which means you need to think about three things:

1. If you haven’t started your tippy-top to bitty-bottom, twice-a-day lotion regiment, GET ON IT. Tights won’t save your pasty scales in May.

2. Bikini season is a not-far-off three months away. Exercise and eat accordingly.

3. If you want to indulge in the sleeveless look, please do yourself and everyone around you the favor of making sure you’ve earned the right to do so first. Not eating the Cosi bread samples while you’re waiting in line for your salad and adding a set of 50 girl pushups after your spin, yoga and Pilates classes is a good start. Key word -- start.


Top to bottom:

1. Ticket punch blouse by Fei ($118 at anthropologie.com)
2. Solana pointelle sweater by Maple ($88 at anthropologie.com)
3. Rozier sweater ($78 at anthropologie.com)
4. 2 in 1 sweater by Robert Rodriguez ($300 at activeendeavors.com)
5. Luca blouse by Valentine ($297 at activeendeavors.com)
6. Silk bell top by Geren Ford ($246 at pinkmascara.com)
7. Kelley stay top by Theory ($64 at pinkmascara.com)
8. Satin stripe chiffon blouse by Anna Sui ($207.90 at saks.com)
9. Pele top by Diane von Furstenberg ($245 at dvf.com)*
10. Silk print smock top by Ted Baker (£70 at asos.com)*
11. Peter pan tie-neck blouse (£35 at topshop.com)
12. High flying tee by Lux ($38 at urbanoutfitters.com)
13. Dolman-sleeve empire top by Fever ($68 at macys.com)
14. Pintucked top by Lucky brand ($54.99 at macys.com)*
15. Safari shirt by MICHAEL for Michael Kors ($64 at nordstrom.com)

*your editrix's top picks


jessica said...

Thank you for choosing so many reasonably-priced blouses! I've halfway convinced myself to order the Ted Baker tunic -- it's the expensive from-England shipping costs that's deterring me...

dc girl said...

I could so see you in the DVF one, but not so much in that print. The Anna Sui and Valentine ones are very you as well. I'm really coming around to liking your sense of style. I thought it was a bit too DC at first, but now I'm realizing it's not that at all. It's a really sophisticated take on conservative.

Your shoes, however, are a different story!

bff in chicago said...

Uh...how does that yellow seagull shirt fit in with the rest? Let me guess, that's the one for brunch, not work?

It's cute, I'm just surprised you picked it. The Anna Sui blouse is the one I most saw you in. Maybe that Lucky Brand one, too. Or the DVF...

I want them all!

brown rowergirl said...

What are you wearing this Thursday? Let me guess: all black, pencil skirt, peep-toes? Am I close? This guy won't know what hit him!