11 March 2007

She *was* lovely, wasn't she?

I'm not saying she won't get back to where she was just six weeks ago at the Producer's Guild Awards in Los Angeles, but I am predicting - based on these photos - that Salma won't be donning this figure-hugging vintage silk crepe Fendi gown with cutout sleeves and plunge back anytime soon.

Such a shame, too, because now that I look at this close-up of her face, I've come to realize my steadfast desire for Ms. Hayek has had nothing to do with her personality (boring), her acting skills (minimal), or her even her face (wide and square-ish) but rather was borne purely out of admiration for her thick-and-thin-in-the-right-places figure.

Oh, and then there's that whole "we're just friends" Penny Cruz situation...that's pretty hot, too.

I'm crossing my fingers not for you, Bandida, but for your curves. May they return swiftly and ten-fold.

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