06 March 2007

The one time sharing isn't completely awful.

Even if the birthday card my sister-in-law sent me hadn't included the sentence, "I say you treat yourself to a day at the spa without getting on all fours to have your lady bits waxed," even if she hadn't given me as my present these beyond-fabulous, so very me, four-inch patent-leather Mary Jane peeptoes, and even if she hadn't forgiven me for writing "you're the sister I never wanted" on the first card I ever gave her (yeah, now I realize how it sounds), I would still know in my heart of Pisces hearts there is no other woman with whom I'd rather share my special day.

To you, M, my knocked-up, shrimp-n-grits-eatin' sweetheart, for putting up with all of my self-involved behavior and the many, many "no really, guess where I'm at?" late night phone calls.

I promise to think of you every time an unhappily married man in this city openly admires your thoughtful gift -- in other words, every moment of every day.

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Anonymous said...

Are you an only child?