20 March 2007

Noxzema girl wears a pretty purple dress

Though I wish Rebecca Gayheart didn't so scarily resemble the offspring of a Siamese cat and a kewpie doll while wearing this stunning purple satin Zac Posen cocktail dress with built-in capelet, ruffled bust-line and modified Mandarin collar, I am pleased to know her husband - i.e. "Dr. McSteamy" - is using his new six-figure-per-episode salary to buy his bride of two years a few nice dresses before he sweeps her into the bin for a more talented, more lucrative, less carnie-looking trade-up.

Apart from her too-bare makeup (needs more lashes and lip shine) too-closed pumps (needs a pair of simple open-toed metallic sandals like these) and middle-parted off-to-the-side low ponytail (just get that fu**ing hair off that fabulous neckline), I have absolutely no complaints about this look.

Though I suppose, if I could really have my way, I would've preferred it a few inches shorter, in either black, sapphire or lemon and on Rachel Bilson, who surprisingly disappointed us all in this cute but ho-hum, seen-it-on-her-a-million-times-before top and skinny jeans ensemble at the same event.

When Becca's not hitting-and-running, she sure does clean up nicely, doesn't she?


Anonymous said...

I liked her hair better curly. Cute dress.

dc girl said...

I agree, woulda looked better on Rachel Bilson. I don't like this girl's legs. Not minidress material.

west coast devotee said...

Girl looks like an alien. Nice dress. I like the purple!

Anonymous said...

A look at that girl's face (combined with Katherine Heigl's elephant-like legs a few posts ago) is really striking home the point to me that actresses really don't have to be that perfect or pretty after all.