25 March 2007

Found: the perfect accessory

Forget a pair of go-to work heels, a perfect LBD that makes your waist look a size smaller, or that versatile clutch that goes with everything from your premium jeans and dressy tee to your deep plunge satin evening gown. What every fashionable girl wants, what every fashionable girl needs is a made-to-order sculpture mug of her pet from Groundhog Blues Pottery.

Two made-to-order sculpture mugs, to be specific.

Like your Chanel 'Black Ceramic' nail lacquer, Archipelago Sugar Cane & Coconut hand salve and Clinique 'All About Eyes' under-eye revitalizing gel, it is not only preferable but downright necessary to have one of your smuckerbug's mugs at home and one at the office.

And no, having this mug at work won't make you look like that pathetic, laugh-behind-her-back woman who has a Christmas portrait of her cat Jingles on her desktop background and a custom-made mouse pad of the two of them in matching flannel onesies with a faux log cabin backdrop.

This is totally different. Totally.


AnĂ³nimo No Mas said...

You have officially moved from dog person to "Dog Person."

What's next a Bark Mitzvah?


Johanna said...

Wouldn't he be adorable with a little puppy yarmulke???

Too bad he's a Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Do you make sure his puppy chow is hallal?

knew you as hannie said...

He is just too precious for words! And while I would normally think a mug like that was a little over the edge, somehow with you it's adorable.

jessica said...

Now he'll always be with you -- even at work :-)