07 March 2007

Eva Mendes has great...eye makeup

To get this eye done just right would take hours of practice, a Chanel-or-better liquid eyeliner, and an intensely steady hand.

It'll surely invite the Republicans, scare away the Democrats, and incur bitchy stares from any woman who's remotely proper. It'll take years off your educational background, insinuate a proclivity for unethical behavior, and even though it's entirely District-inappropriate, if I'm still feeling Eva's take on the Edie-Sedgwick-eye this Saturday, I'm SO having L draw me up some of this sexiness.

Because the exaggerated cat-eye is the equivalent of gratuitious cleavage on the affecting-men-down-there scale, one would need to wear a fitted but not revealing ensemble to offset its severity. Perhaps my new black frilly-front halter with black skinny jeans and red suede almond-toeds? Perhaps an understated, pouf-sleeved minidress with platform heels?

Once the outfit is locked down, there's still the little problem of venue. Where in DC could a woman wear such meeeoww makeup, lounge about with a Bellini and not be completely - and simultaneously, according to persuasion - mauled and ostracized? Black Cat? 9:30 Club? Round Robin?

Reader suggestions are warmly welcomed on this front.

And just because it's fun to look at hot women, here's another photo of Eva's impressive eye makeup from the new issue of DT Magazine.

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