22 March 2007

Definitely worth 40 20 ouncers of Coke Zero

About this time last year, I opened a Coke Rewards account and began to enter the codes from every Coke bottle-top I could get my mitts on. I convinced my colleagues to hand theirs over, I had family members mail theirs from out of state, and until my friend E described my picking them up off the ground as "unconscionable," I even did that for a few months, too.

In the end, my total number of Coke points was just over 500, or the equivalent of 50 12 packs or 170 20 ouncers.

Then, like the Chuck E. Cheese birthday girl who's just too plumb tired to play another round of skeet ball, I decided enough was enough. I decided to cash my cache in.

The first 120 went toward a year's subscription to Harper's Bazaar, the second 120 went toward a subscription to Marie Claire, the third 120 to Glamour, and finally, the last 120 to Esquire.

The first three selections make sense - fashion, beauty, celebrities in couture, articles about anorexic models' "12 grape diets" - but why would I invest in an upmarket men's fashion and lifestyle periodical? One with a liberal bent, no less.

It's simple -- Scarlett Johanasson.

I drank 40 20 ounce bottles of Coke Zero so I could own eight gloriously glossy, semi-nude, pouty pictures of ScarJo's criminally sexy self in her November 2006 "Sexiest Woman Alive" photo spread.

And now, today, I found a few outtakes.


1 comment:

bff in chicago said...

Do those photos appeal to the trailer-trash Oklahoma gal in you?

Kinda, sorta hot.