28 March 2007

Campus chic

For the first time since last May, I will return to my grad school stomping ground today to learn more about what's standing in the way of BFF status between China and the United States. They know they want to be, they know they can be, but for some reason - those pesky Japanese leaders, the whole democracy/communism misunderstanding, that made-up shift in the Northeast Asian power dynamic threatening U.S. security interests - they're still stuck in Paris/Nicole circa Winter 2005 territory.

During my time behind Georgetown's heavily guarded gates, I never really found myself too inspired by the Hoya Saxa fashion sense. The kids had money, that was certainly clear, but aside from the occasional super hip Hong Kong girl or the not quite as Eurotrashy piece of Eurotrash, there was very little uniqueness in the style landscape and almost no deviation from the traditional summer-at-the-Vineyard look: Tod's driving moccasins, straight-leg Seven jeans, a light pink popped-collar Polo, Vince cashmere sweater tied and draped over the shoulders, Longchamp tote and perfectly, always just so sideswept bangs.

Though I have my doubts about the attendees at a Sino-U.S. foreign relations round table serving as fair representation of Georgetown's style, I'll do my best to look around before, after, and who am I kidding, during the 90-minute presentation for signs of life in what I unfortunately believe is a pulse-less fashion scene.

Just like you proved those Tar-holes wrong last week, I hope you prove me wrong today, Hoyas.

Full report on campus chic later in the day.


jessica said...

Georgetown has the most frustrating fashion scene of any college I've seen. No one dresses badly but no one dresses with any kind of individuality, either. You're so spot on with the popped collar Polo and Longchamp bag characterization. I ebay-ed mine my junior year there, because I couldn't deal with 11 girls (out of 20 or so) having the exact same one I did.

Can't wait to hear about your findings...

Anonymous said...

What event was this, by the way? Was it the Tom Christensen one?

Melissa said...

In the words of Jeff Beck:

"Wearing leggings is a privilege, not a right."