27 March 2007

*And* a sparkly showpiece trench?

A lot of things in life aren't fair.

Irreversible knee injuries happen to people who run marathons, fluency in a foreign language is never permanent, all men who make me laugh are married, and in addition to having the most elegant non-black party dress of 2007, Hilary Duff, a girl seven years my junior whose biggest accomplishments are losing her baby weight and having her best song hijacked as the theme to a reality show - no knock to "Laguna Beach," of course - also gets to claim ownership over this stunning silver showpiece trench, which I believe hails from Burberry Prorsum's Fall/Winter 2007 runway collection.

Though the dress is hands-down the item I covet more between the two, there's just something so alluring, so no-one-else-has-it-but-you about that sparkly trench. I imagine it over a fitted black cashmere sleeveless turtleneck and a pair of wide-legged, floor-sweeping black trousers for a museum function on the Upper West Side or cinched around a simple black backless column gown at an inaugural ball at the Mayflower.

Or, if its lining is as luxe as I assume it is, this piece of outerwear could very well serve as the ultimate - and only - complement to my pick-him-up-at-the-airport dream shoe.


bff in chicago said...

That coat, those shoes, your legs and uh, your willingness to explore spaces -- that would be any guy's dream, airport or not.

How great would it be to own a hot coat like that? Sad thing is, she probably won't ever wear it again. Stupid celebrities. Should be us.

Anonymous said...

I just clicked on the coat and it is so much more beautiful when you can see it up-close. Wow. A wishlist item for sure!