02 March 2007

All sorts of wrong

It's not as if I have Rachel Bilson-like standards for a woman who has a body this fine but chooses to drape it in outfits like this and this, but come on, this sticky-sweet-pink Jessica McClintock circa 1991 prom lookbook dress with exaggerated sweetheart neckline and giant fabric front-folds has got to be a joke.

It just has to be. How else could Chloë Sevigny justify wearing this thing, not to mention her eerily symmetrical, got-my-hair-done-by-a-mall-stylist side tendrils, and an oversized gold and citrine crucifix a la the "Live a Virgin" video at her first mainstream movie premiere since, well, ever.

If it weren't for her bow-adorned row-toeds and hands-in-pocket stance (why do I love that so much?), Ms. Sevigny would be relegated to joining the committee of style assbackwardness spearheaded by co-chairs - and (yawn) pageant queens - Beyoncé and Vanessa Minillo.

One has to wonder, though, with the hard-to-box judgment Chloë has clearly and intentionally demonstrated in her acting career (The Brown Bunny, anyone?), could this dress just be an ironic 'eff-you to the Hollywood community that for nearly a decade has failed to get her searingly intense and cerebral tastes?

Who knows, but I'm sticking with my first instinct -- I just don't think she can dress herself.

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Anonymous said...

hah hah, did you see InStyle just named this thing "its pick" for today?