26 March 2007

80 degrees and sunny -- on a work day.

There's no greater feeling than waking up on a lazy Saturday or Sunday morning (or afternoon, technically) and while still in bed, without consciously thinking about it, already knowing from the temperature in the air and the strength of the shadows on the floor just how warm and sunny a day you're about to enjoy.

Aside from the only non-negotiable - the prince's five daily walks - these days are filled with one, maybe two open-ended commitments. Whether it's a late Cafe Saint Ex brunch or a manicure with L, naughty store purveying with P, or an action movie and gun show one-two-punch with R, lazy weekend plans, even those that require pre-arrangement, are made with the mutual understanding that when, where and what are all subject to change for no better reason than either party feels like staying where they are just a little bit longer.

Getting dressed on one of these days, for me, usually involves a bikini, dressy shorts, an Ella Moss slight-pouf cap-sleeved tee and bright flats. I pull my hair, including my bangs, completely off my face, brush on some concealer if I need it, swipe bronzer onto my apples, apply a double-coat of waterproof mascara and dab on some shine with my Kiehl's lip balm. Maybe a spritz or four of fresh Sake behind my wrists, knees and elbows. Very laid-back, very low maintenance.

Tomorrow, unfortunately, is going to be one of these days, but with a long run, an 8:30 to 5:30 work day and a proper, supportive bra in place of sleeping 'til 11, lounging without looking at a clock and lycra triangles held together by a bit of string.

What can a girl do to get excited about the first 80-degree day of the year when it falls on, of all days, a Tuesday?

There are several things, actually.

Assuming the proper planning and purchasing have been taken care of, you can debut your new Spring 2007 makeup palette; assuming your toes are in warm-weather shape, you can rock your killer peeptoes; and assuming you own one, you can float through the day in a fabulous lightweight, work-appropriate dress that easily transitions from professional to sexy for that post-work al fresco happy hour at Le Bar opposite the White House.

Oh, and don't forget to carefully assemble that all-important first iMix of the season, too. Having the right soundtrack on your way to work is critical to establish the desired mood for the day.

That means replacing Snow Patrol with Ludacris, Rachael Yamagata with Beastie Boys and Graham Parker with Mungo Jerry's "In the summertime."

Now go lay out that outfit before you wash your face and apply your before-bed lotion treatment.

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nyc admirer said...

What is that, gratuitous Monica pic number 4?

I'm not complaining, doll, only teasing...