06 February 2007

Year-round moisturizer is a myth.

I don't care how robust your skin is, these cold temperatures and this whipping wind will flake and/or burn the face of any individual who's still using a light summer moisturizer.

The lotions recommended below may cost more than you're used to spending on a beauty product, but believe me, it's worth it. My advice is to tape a non-airbrushed photo of someone like Kim Cattrall up on your bathroom wall for the motivating fright factor, and then for a month eat nothing but cereal for dinner, be your own manicurist, and if necessary, even dip into the for-when-I-need-Botox change jar next to your third mirror and free up the $40-$60 you need to invest in a high-quality winter moisturizer.

To best avoid sporting a semi-permanent Chinese peasant blush, use one of the following as quickly as possible after every face wash:*

Protect by Zirh Skin Nutrition ($28 at sephora.com)
Hydrating face cream by Bobbi Brown ($45 at gloss.com)
Superdefense by Clinique ($39.50 at clinique.com)
Facial Fuel by Kiehl's ($28.50 at kiehls.com)
All-around Protection by Nivea ($8.99 at drugstore.com)
Skin Normalizer by Trish McEvoy ($60 at nordstrom.com)
Nutri-Delice Nourishing Cream by Decleor ($54 at sephora.com)
Intensified Day Moisture by Neutrogena ($12.49 at drugstore.com)

*these products come highly recommended by my friends, my dermatologist, and me


bff in chicago said...

Samantha is looking rough. And if I'm not mistaken that's a picture from a few years back.

She's looking about on par with Sarah Jessica in the ugly department.

Yeah, I'm a Charlotte. Like you, Hannie-bonnie.

nyc admirer said...

why do you have a dermatologist?

Johanna said...

Because even *I* need a little help some days...

I certainly can't risk looking like Cammy "Pizza-Face" Diaz, can I?


LK said...

I totally agree with having a dermatologist on call - it's like having a skincare consultant that your medical insurance pays for! I call it preventative maintenance.

Johanna said...

Right on, LK!

The samples alone make the co-pay worth it :-)