02 February 2007


I'm not even sure what to say here, except that this might be the best could-go-day-could-go-night makeup of all-time.

And that Charlize Theron is perfect.

And that this pushes me over the edge, and I will be wearing my confidence color and spiked heels everyday, all day, for the next two years.


nyc admirer said...

was this a recent pic? was this for a photo shoot or was it for an event?

If it was for an event -- wow.

Johanna said...

You can say, "wow" -- I'll stick to "whoah."

This photo was taken last night in NYC at the premiere of "East of Havana," a documentary she just produced.

The only thing I might have done differently would be to put some mascara on her bottom lashes, but either way, she looks good enough to eat.