26 February 2007

Unless you're wearing a polo with your company's logo on it

And working a table at a trade show, let's leave the khaki pants where they belong -- on the man's side of the closet.

Or in the plastic bin marked "Halloween Costumes."

I know, I know, just yesterday I was singing the praises of Out of Africa's dungaree chic, but there is a difference between - and separate standards for - functional khaki and non-functional khaki.

I have no problem with the former, though the day you hear me say, "Do we have enough water and mosquito netting for the weekend?" is not one I anticipate any time soon.

Non-functional khakis, the ones you slip on when you're too paunchy to fit into your less forgiving denim, are a lazy form of casual trousers. They're hardly ever a good fit in the leg, nearly always cut too short at the hem, often held up by an equally atrocious braided leather belt, and can even give a petite, slender woman like the one I saw this morning head into the Caribou Coffee on 18th and M, a balloon-seat.

And khakis with heels? Why don't you just get the Asian mom bob, slip on a size medium Talbots twin-set in a sensible color and add "Desperate Housewives" to your Tivo Season Pass?

Alternatives to the non-functional khaki pant to come later today.


bff in chicago said...

I second a khaki-free existence! It's been 6 years and counting, and I feel amazing!

Anonymous said...

Khakis and heels?

Come on now. Who does that?

Gardenwife said...

Those things in the picture don't just look like khakis, but double-knit khaki-colored pants. Ewwwww. Makes me sweat just thinking about them.