10 February 2007

T - 4 hours 'til "Factory Girl"

Before reading Stephen Holden's review in the New York Times last week, my only motivation to take in "Factory Girl" was to see the clothes -- specifically, to see Sienna Miller in the clothes. Normally, wardrobe isn't enough to convince me to pay an art-house movie admission, but in this case, if the clothes were even half as fabulous as Sienna's choices at the film's many premieres, it'd be well worth the $10.75.

Then I read these three tidy lines in the first paragraph of Holden's review:

"The world through which Sedgwick blazed and burned out was one that lived and died by the camera. It existed to be seen and drooled over. But God help you if you actually lived in it."

Suddenly, it wasn't just about the clothes. It was about the experience.

Even if it's only for 91 minutes, even if it's only from the safety of a worn, red, non-stadium-seating seat at E-Street Cinema, I'm going to blaze, burn, live, die and exist as best I can in Edie and Andy's world.

And of course, still drool over the clothes.

Oh, the clothes!

1 comment:

west coast devotee said...

that first minidress in black would be such a great NYC nightclub dress.

I'd go for heels 'stead of boots, but either would work.