10 February 2007

2008 Inaugural Ball gown

Because it will be in the throes of winter and because it will be expected for women to go long at such a formal DC event, I have decided that this Givenchy couture floor-sweeping black gown will be my dress of choice at Dick Cheney's 2008 Inaugural Ball.

It's black, it's fitted, it's elegant and it passes my most important fashion litmus test: its neckline serves as its primary accessory.

I would, however, have Alecia from Imperial Cleaners (DC's best tailor) craft a pair of prim cap-sleeves to make the silhouette more age-appropriate and a little less reminiscent of Cinderella's wicked stepmother. I don't de-flab my arms with 60 girl pushups a day not to show them off.

Now, that the dress situation is out of the way, we just have to focus on winning that election...


a fan said...

Hmmm...I trust your (and Cate's) judgment, but I'm not crazy about this dress. I think it's just that I don't like the long sleeves, though.

And for the record, by commenting on this post, I am in no way supporting Cheney for President in '08.

Johanna said...

Too late, I just ordered you a campaign muscle-tee!

I added the second picture to show you - and everyone else - just how dramatic this dress is. I think it's stunning. Yeah, the top sorta looks like the outline of jigsaw puzzle piece, but you know what, better that than a boring ol' scoopneck or worse, a straight-edged strapless look.

Unlike Cate, I think I'll pull my hair back in a chignon like the woman modeling the Nanette Lepore "Sheer Blouse" in a previous "If I had a sugar daddy" installment -- better to show off the up-top goods for when Dicky C. comes around to thank me for all my fundraising help :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm begging you to stop with the Cheney thing. PLEASE. The image is just ... PLEASE.