26 February 2007

Impressive side-boob takes Biel from a 6.5 to a 9

I wasn't crazy about this '80s-pink column dress with extended-keyhole back the first time I saw it saunter down Oscar de la Renta's runway at Bryant Park two weeks ago.

Likewise, I wasn't crazy about it when I disappointingly realized my muse was making her Oscar presenter debut in it last night.

But now, from this angle, well, all I can say is that the side-boob makes all the difference.

Her choice still isn't on par with Nicole's or Cate's, but indisputable evidence that her breasts don't need support almost cancels out that sheen-depleted frizz-puff on her head and that pink lemonade Lip Smackers gloss on her lips.


And no, these pictures aren't identical. If you look really closely - I mean, get your face right in there - you'll see that the first photo shows about two centimeters more curvature of her left lady bit than the second.

Plus, I like the coy uh-huh-they're-that-great look she's got on her face in the latter photo.


Anonymous said...


brown rowergirl said...

Pink dress? What pink dress? I'm too mesmerized by the side cleavage to see anything else.

And I'm a hetero girl like you, JC!


bff in chicago said...

I like the dress. The style of it, anyway. The color is okay - not awful, not great.

It's nice to see her showing off other body parts for a change. Now we can hate her for her awesome side-boob-age, too!

but I do agree with you on her hair. she has such pretty locks, why would she pile it all up on her head like that?

Anonymous said...

I've seen that "uh-huh-they're-that-great look" somewhere before.

And they are.

nyc admirer said...

I've seen the look, too - on MANY occasions - but unfortunately, I don't know if they are.