16 February 2007

ScarJo telling it like it is

After being anointed "Woman of the Year" by Harvard University's cross-dressing Hasty Pudding improv troupe on Wednesday, Miss Scah-lett, 22, was asked – in light of the fact she's kissed Bill Murray, 56 ("Lost in Translation"), Colin Firth, 46 ("Girl With a Pearl Earring"), Hugh Jackman, 38 ("The Prestige" and "Scoop") and Benicio Del Toro, 40 (Chateaux Marmont elevator after the 2004 Oscars) – what her minimum age requirement was for locking lips.

Breaking a slight smirk and her tilting her chin up and left, she replied:

"Well, that depends on how much champagne we have at dinner."

She needs to use a stronger base coat and invest in a better hand salve, but I love this woman.

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I think you're brilliant said...

I would've preferred to kiss Colin Firth in the elevator...