16 February 2007

Don't ruin it for all of us.

Though I don't often participate in Casual Friday dress-downs, some days (like today) I have no choice but to do so.

Sometimes the decision to go casual is borne out of a lack of preparation time for a more involved outfit; sometimes the decision is influenced by the kind of day you know you're about to have (e.g. why waist that cute new wrapdress or t-strap pump if you'll just be behind your desk all day?); or in most cases, for me, anyway, the decision to slip on jeans and flats is one I reach when I've hit the 40 minute mark.

The 40 minute mark, of course, referring to 40 straight minutes of outfit indecision.

So even though I woke up very much on time today, I'm more lattes-and-shoe-shopping-in-Georgetown than career-woman-fierce in dark wash skinny jeans, a fitted white cable crewneck sweater, round-collared cherry-print button-up, and ballet flats.

Good but not great.

Anyway, in my haste to get something quick for lunch, something that didn't require going through a full scarf/gloves/coat on-and-off, I took eight steps out the back door of my office building to the Sizzlin' Express buffet -- the perfect venue not to show off my lazy ensemble.

Crowded as usual on a Friday lunch break, I was able to slip into line unnoticed with my veggie sandwich, sweet potato fries and 20 oz. Coke Zero. During what would be a 13-minute wait thanks to a woman who decided to have a "Well, it may cost $8.25 but it shouldn't cost $8.25" shouting match with the ever-sweet cashier Lalinda over her small mountain of crunchy beef and Pad Thai, something caught my eye by the Red Bull display. Then another of that same something by the Soy Chips. Then a third by the sushi bar.

One = anomaly

Two = coincidence

Three = pattern

DC women, I realized today, were without question putting the Casual Friday option in jeopardy for all of us by not only wearing Lee-brand Mom jeans but Lee-brand Mom jeans with big white crosstrainers.

Look, I know you've got lunchboxes to pack and after-school-activity Excel spreadsheets to double-check, but busy or not, Supermom or not, the golden rule of work sneakers is this: if you wear them to the gym, or could wear them to the gym, DON'T pull that lazy sh*t and wear them to work.

And for love of God, don't pass on this bad judgment to your daughters.

Office-appropriate sneaker options to come later in the day...


a fan said...

where do you find these pictures?? this one is TOO perfect!

west coast devotee said...

and I know that's not you, because even at that age you knew better than to rock the opaque white tights!

bff in chicago said...

I think it's hysterical that you're posting about something I know for a fact you would NEVER do yourself.

And that's your true, selfless nature. It comes off of you in waves. Waves and waves, Johanna :)


brown rower girl said...

NYC misses you! come back!

Johanna said...

You have no idea, girl...I'm working on it!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Your honestly is endearing.