03 February 2007

The power of a polish change.

Inspired by Rita Hayworth's decision to leave Noel at the alter for her true love Danny in "Cover Girl" - moved by the notion that it's never too late to listen to your heart - this afternoon I finally ended my turbulent, nine-month love affair with OPI's "Black Onyx" nail lacquer.

I had no idea my impulsive decision on a warm May evening last year would turn into a relationship that would span three dozen Spezie happy hours, thirteen breezy, hand-holding weekends on the Upper West Side, five straight months of Saturday and sometimes Saturday/Sunday tanning sessions at L's rooftop pool, two priceless East Village vintage dress purchases, and one long-overdue fashion blog launch.

In a deep plunge silk evening dress, in a simple black business sheath, even in running tights, ankle socks and a Dri-fit long-sleeve, I loved how powerful, how sexy, how severe I felt when I looked down and saw those 10 perfectly shiny, polished, short black nails.

And even though I knew it was ├╝ber trendy (Lindsay Lohan inspired my foray, after all), trendy to the point where "stars" like Dana Delaney and Shannon Elizabeth started sporting it, for once that didn't really matter to me. It didn't matter, because I truly loved the way it looked on me. I loved the way it made me feel. I still do.

But change is good.

And who knows, maybe the next nine months of adventures I'll experience, the Prosecco drinks I'll sip, and the vintage minis I'll discover will be even more fabulous with "Double Decker Red."


Anonymous said...

I don't believe you. there's no way you took the black off. no way!

Anonymous No More said...

Welcome to the beauty of classic Chanel Red. You have short, rounded nails, so you will look great in it.

PS. What is it about nail polish that drives men crazy?

a fan said...

I think you read this and this was your motivation for switching:


Either way, black or red, you'll look hot. Can't wait to see the red vixen nails at drinks next week.

Johanna said...

Thank you for my warm welcome!

It's difficult to get used to the red, but I think I like it. More importantly, I've already gotten compliments on the change from both my afternoon and evening doormen.

Why do men go crazy for nail polish? I think it's less about the polish itself than it is about the *kind* of woman who takes the time to take care of her nails.

Does Britney look hotter with her nails done? No. Does Catherine Zeta-Jones? Totally. And it's because she's a lady, and makes it a priority to look polished and put-together.

Most women once they get married and have kids forego the nail polish and makeup (and, gasp, the gym) out of a need to save time. I promise, no matter how much my future child needs me, mama will always set aside her "pretty time."

Anonymous said...

Farewell, Black.

Johanna said...

Yep, farewell!

For now.

Onyx Black knows I may go back to it one day, but it'll take a grand gesture - *the* grand gesture - to make that happen.

Until then, I'll be the office tart in candy apple red.