18 February 2007

It's no wonder Hollywood has no class

Even though I no longer place any credence in what E!'s Fashion Police says, I couldn't help but address their "overnight transformation from sexy diva to schoolmarm " assessment of Jennifer Lopez's look last week at the Berlin premiere of her new film Bordertown.

I made no secret of my fondness for this frock in the post I wrote praising not only its age-appropriateness but also its extremely flattering fit. But even if you didn't agree with me, even if you didn't consider selling your coveted diamond studs to finance a search and acquisition therefor, when was the last time you saw a woman in a figure-hugging black sheath with cinched waist paired with 5-inch patent leather slingbacks and considered it a transformation away from sexy?

With such skewed standards, it's no wonder so many young women in Hollywood walk around looking like this. And this. And this.



nyc admirer said...

Right on, doll, right on.

It's posts like this that remind me why I have such a crush you!

Johanna said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks.

But seriously, anyone calling that dress "schoolmarm"-ish is a fool. It's the epitome of class. Maybe I need to save L.A. from itself, too...