07 February 2007

I may be losing perspective

The WTF looks my very fashionable female colleague shot at me this morning in response to the subject-entitled "How cute would these be for work?" e-mail I sent her last night with these pictures from Monique Lhuillier's recent runway show make me think I might be losing my edge with the whole audience-awareness golden rule.

That the only caveat I included in this message was "clearly the cat-eye, Flamenco-dancer bun and dark plum pout, are for evening" is only further evidence I'm in too Donnie-Brasco deep with my Bryant Park watching.

Just give me until Fashion Week is over; if next week I'm still promoting gold lamé cocktail dresses and lurex blouses for ten-hour days at the firm, then you have every right to start raising your eyebrows.

At my judgment, that is, not at my taste.


a fan said...

I've never seen runway clothes look so civilian friendly!

Anonymous said...

I'm sensing the "Johanna look" is: cap sleeves, mini-length, high neck, and in either black, white, or metallic.

come close?