22 February 2007

How do I put this delicately?

It's not that I dislike the media sweetheart of the moment, Jennifer Hudson. In fact, I'm pleased as pudding someone finally woke us up to see Beyoncé as the overrated, one-maybe-two trick tranny-looking pony that she is.

That being said, Effie really should take a harder look in the mirror before showing up at events where she knows women with better figures - and photographers - will be in attendance.

Had she done that before this Giant Magazine party in her honor, I think she would have come to the same conclusion we all did when we giggled our bitchy selves silly at similar offenders at Senior Prom:

Even with the support of Spanx, satin is just not a big girl fabric.

Evidence below:


bff in chicago said...

not only what was SHE thinking, but what was her STYLIST thinking?? Nicole Kidman and Nicole Richie are just about the only women in Hollywood who can carry off tight satin. The rest of us need not try.

brown rowergirl said...

Not good. Not good at all.

Plus, what is going on at the top? Is that lacy bra-like neckline part of the dress or a separate entity?

Just. Plain. Awful.

Anonymous said...

she makes Janet Jackson look like a dwarf. how tall is that giant-ess,anyway?

Bad fabric, bad pattern, bad fit.

Fire that woman's stylist NOW.