23 January 2007

Oooh, not good.

Last-minute change of plans -- cold-weather accessories will be delayed a day so that I can muse about how (ahem) nicely the ladies of the U.S. Government are dressed this evening.

I know I'm supposed to focus on the substance of the address, but it's a bit difficult when the Speaker is wearing a boucle blazer the color of a cartoon seahorse (fine, the one pictured above is more turquoise than mint, but you get it).

Thank goodness pretty boy Cheney wore a cool-weather dark pink tie and navy suit, or else the kids at home would be confused as to why they weren't dyeing eggs and eating Peeps after the speech. If I find out that's Armani, I am going to have a real hard time trusting her judgment in the future.

Nicely applied bronzer, though.

Laura Bush looks hot, as usual. Girl can do a red jacket, red lips and a short coif like a pro.

Lynne Cheney looks like...Lynne Cheney. Fat ankles, a scowl, and a children's book.

As usual, Condi's rocking the tradish pearl necklace and pearl studs. Love the rounded Peter Pan collar on her jacket. She has such a severity to her on these occasions, so it was a good choice to pick rounded edges to soften her a bit. Haven't caught a glimpse of her shoes, but I'm crossing my fingers for a nice black round-toe.

There's a mess of pink in the front row, but since I don't recognize her and she looks like she's about 50 years past caring, I'll pocket my last bit of witty bitchism for a rainy day.

Ew, gross, Senator McCain just double-winked at someone.

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