23 January 2007

The best revenge

Like the delicious Dita von Teese, who, in case you hadn't heard, was put back on the market last week by Marilyn Manson when he downgraded to 19 year old "actress" Evan Rachel Wood, when I get dumped, I too like to surround myself with nothing but pretty clothes, pretty shoes, and a bevy of celebrities.

Seen here at the Dior show in Paris, Dita looks sexy as hell in four and a half inch black almond-toed asymmetrical stilettos, an ivory tea-length skirt-suit with belted '40s style jacket, a preciously small quilted handbag, a swipe of her signature red lipstick, and a structured black beret tilted just so.

Is there anything hotter than a woman in sky-high heels making her way without incident through a path of gravel?

The answer is no, there isn't.

Being dumped never looked so good.


Brooke said...

I find it hard to believe that you have ever been dumped.

Johanna said...

I would have, too, but at 26 and 10 months old, I finally got my comeuppance.

And sadly, I only have work - not fancy fashion shows and cute new Dior skirt-suits - to keep my mind occupied.