25 January 2007

Don't go to work dressed for laser tag (part III)

More so than with your hat and gloves, it is more acceptable to play with a dash a of color or indulge in a pattern when it comes to your scarf. As I emphasized yesterday, however, if you choose to go the showpiece coat route, you must pick a muted scarf. Don't be that woman who does both. Please.

Here are my picks for unique wear-to-work appropriate scarves:

From top to bottom:
1. Textured wool-cashmere scarf ($29.99 at jcrew.com)
2. Geometric scarf ($14.99 at urbanoutfitters.com)
3. Art history scarf ($29.99 at anthropologie.com)
4. Spring & Clifton scarf ($44 at shopbop.com)
5. Cable-knit sweater scarf ($60.50 at shopbop.com)
6. Dukes lace scarf ($107 at activeendeavors.com)
7. Cashmere muffler in Emerald ($265 at burberryusaonline.com)

With gloves, monochromatic leather (matte or suede) is your best bet. Mittens, especially chunky ones with texturing, are too girly for a professional. I wear mine on the weekend, but I would never pair them with my dress coat and work heels.

Here are my picks for wear-to-work appropriate gloves:

Top to bottom:
1. Saks leather gloves ($65.90 at saks.com)
2. Studded leather gloves ($55.90 at bloomingdales.com)
3. Italian leather ruched gloves ($99 at brooksbrothers.com)
4. Juicy Couture quilted driving gloves ($57.50 at shopbop.com)
5. Ring leather glove ($60.99 at macys.com)
6. Cashmere-lined leather gloves ($65 at nordstrom.com)

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