22 December 2006

The concept

Walking from 14th Street to my office on Connecticut Avenue every morning is like walking through style hell. Unlike the streets of Manhattan, Chicago, Providence (trust me), or even Ann Arbor, there isn't a whit of original fashion in DC. Instead, it's one "what the mother'eff was she thinking?" after another. Until now, I only corrected the missteps in my head. After all, what's the point in approaching someone in a shapeless, thigh-grazing Christmas cardigan covered in circus makeup and offering advice? It'd be like giving Tara Reid a scholarship. Of any kind. To any kind of school.

I see plenty of the predictable culprits in Washington: the Mom who prances around in a Juicy Couture velour tracksuit (muffin-topping it 9 out of 10 times); the Ann Taylor Loft shopper who buys the entire outfit in the front window irregardless of how it fits her frame; the chip-on-her-shoulder lawyer who uses the excuse that she's spent her entire life getting into places like Harvard College, Harvard Law School, and the Harvard School of Business to justify why she doesn't use any product in her hair or polish on her nails; the trustfunder who can afford to take the unpaid internship on the Hill who still dresses as if she were on her way to a Vandy mixer; and finally, all of Georgetown. It was at the intersection of Wisconsin and M Streets that I first realized money can't buy style. It can, however, buy played-out, over-priced crap at Intermix.

I think it's fair to say we all expect this kind of mediocrity in places like Bethesda and Fairfax. But not in the city. Not in *my* city.

The plan, then, is to each day write about 3 women I see on Connecticut Avenue -- their hair, their makeup, their style. With complete candor, I'll break down each look and build it back up taking into consideration each woman's shape, coloring and age. One look will be an everyone-can-afford-this look, and one will be an if-money-were-no-object look. Since I know DC women are busy, I'll provide links, prices and store locations for every item I recommend.

I don't care if you're an intel analyst, a financial consultant, or a think-tank research associate, looking fierce should always be a priority -- a serious job is no excuse.

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Long overdue, baby.

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