01 February 2008

May-jah Friday ('80s as inspiration edition)

With all the recent contention as to how worthwhile a contribution stereotypical '80s style has made to the current fashion landscape, I thought it only appropriate to dedicate today's May-jah Friday to the ten years that, in my opinion, yielded the most indulgently enjoyable music, movies and television.

And some of the most fun albeit not so universally flattering color schemes and cuts.

Inspired by one of my favorite songs, one of my all-time favorite cinematic scenes (those shoulders!) and one of my favorite groups of gorgeous cartoon sass-kittens, here is veritable proof, like it or not, that the 1980s are still very much with us.


"Missing you" (John Waite)

Boyfriend blazer by Elizabeth & James
($395 at saks.com)
Rolled collar blouse by Cynthia Rowley
($275 at shopbop.com)Sleek jean by Rich & Skinny
($160 at ronherman.com)Daran peep-toe pump by L.A.M.B.
($335 at eluxury.com)

"Flashdance" (Jennifer Beals' best moment)

Bib-front top with bow by 3.1 Phillip Lim
(£245 at brownsfashion.com)
Pencil skirt by Teri Jon
($180 at nordstrom.com)'Wink & Whisper' seamed fishnets by Victoria's Secret
($15 at victoriassecret.com)
'Corta' patent pump by Christian Louboutin
($675 at saks.com)

"Truly Outrageous" (Jem & The Misfits)*

Fashion star earrings
($4.99 at shopintuition.com)Convertible tunic by Shelly Steffe
($144 at shopbop.com)
Lamé leggings by American Apparel
($40 at americanapparel.net)
Tri-color stiletto by Alessandro Dell'Acqua
($585 at shopbop.com)

*while running into someone in DC wearing this get-up would surely give me the giddies, the answer is a resounding no, I, myself, would not wear any of its components, save for those delicious Dell'Acquas.
**this marks my 1,750th post - I sincerely thank all of you for your continued readership and er, colorful commenting!


Anonymous said...

This is a perfect post for a nasty cold Friday. The 80's were a fun, silly, bright decade and these outfits (and the accompanying clips) made me laugh. Now if we could do something about this weather...

Anonymous No More said...

Congratulations on your 1,750th!
Keep up the great work.

sarah said...

oh my, 1750 posts? that certainly deserves a weekend off.

loved seeing the Jem clip and star earrings

manhattan_darling said...

I've always loved '80s fashion and am dreading the nasty comments this post will bring. That Jem clip made my freakin' day, btw.

Marissa said...

Speaking of American Apparel, I suggest if you haven't seen it already to click here:



etcetera said...

you had fun with this one, didn't you?

Righteous (re)Style said...

Bravo. The 80s *were* fun, fashion-wise. And the bottom line is that all fashion is recycled (wink wink) anyway - all of it is somehow inspired by something that came before. Its not bad or good. And in the end, its all how you put it together. I am sure there is someone out there who could rock those lamé leggings . . . Lindsay? Where is Lindsay when you need her? ; )

Did you see my post on the LLJs from Ebay, btw?

Have a fab weekend.

bff in chicago said...

that blazer is so incredible '80s! where did you find that and isn't Elizabeth and James one of the Olsen twins' lines? twice in one week! you love the Olsens, you love the Olsens...

dc girl said...

congratulations on hitting the big 1-7-5-0, Jo!

N said...

Johanna, This post is your very own Vh1 special.

Marissa, That link is hilarious and those leggings are heinous.

gemma g. said...

those fishnets with those Louboutins would slay ANY man. great Flashdance clip!

BerryGirl said...

Fun post, well played!

brown rowergirl said...

love it! but...couldn't that VS model have at least worn a thong? all that netting looks like it would be uncomfortable on a bare you know what.

just downloaded the Waite song. it's the perfect wallowing in memories of "him" tune.

Anonymous said...

the whole thing, I love it. even the 1980s blazer.

Anonymous said...

surprised to see j in support of lame (and i do mean lame) leggings. it's so very black cat/rock and roll hotel, which is so very un-j.

Johanna said...

Even when you leave a qualifier you get in trouble...

The Jem outfit was not meant to be a "here's what you should wear to your next party" recommendation but rather a fun, Friday way of playing dress-up. It was meant to be costumey and a bit silly.

on the right legs, though, I could see the leggings looking good.


lest us not forget said...

1,750 is a lot, but lest us not forget that half of that is just your "If I had a Sugar Daddy/Since I don't yet" items.

laura m. said...

the girl in the Waite video looks kind of like you.

Anonymous said...

Excellent post, and congratulations on your 1750th! A number of those pieces are to die for separately, namely that waist-nipping skirt and Rich and Skinnny jeans. You have inspired me to deviate from my sensible trouser jeans/cashmere turtleneck I planned for this evening, and instead will wear my skinniest jeans and highest platforms.

Anonymous said...

those last pair of shoes scare me. no thank you.

Anonymous said...

i thought it was "Jem and the Holograms!!!"

Johanna said...

Jem's band is the Holograms, but I like the Misfits better. I suppose I should have written, "Jem & the Holograms AND the Misfits," but eh, seems like a mouthful.

Anonymous said...

I loved the post until I got to the end and read your self congratulatory asterisk. Can't you just laud yourself privately? To do otherwise is very unbecoming.

210601 said...

Been reading the blog for more than a year now, but commenting now just for the Jem clip. Love it..

m said...

Seriously, who are these bitter Bettys? Grow up. The post was fun, and the Jem clip brought back some fond memories of layered socks and NKOTB shoelaces.

Congrats, Johanna, on post 1,750!

Sugar Daddy said...

You need to have those Christian Louboutins. What size do you wear?

west coast devotee said...

Something tells me there's some offline exchanging of shoe size, home address and "tastefully" racy photos.

Am I right, Editrix?

Johanna said...

you are NOT right, Mr. West Coast.



Candid Cool said...

lovin the VS tights and the last pair of shoes