23 January 2008

Since I don't (yet)

Brittania exposed platform pumps by Guess
$102.95 at zappos.com


59th & Lex said...

I bought these pumps and the silver on the heel flaked off. Shoes that seemed reasonable at $105 suddenly seemed way overpriced.

Anonymous said...

Are you surprised, 59th & Lex? Guess is overpriced crap.

a miss in my book said...

Love the sugar daddy version above, but these have a bit too much street walker look than classy.

Johanna said...

a miss in my book-

I was trying to find ANY shoe with an exposed platform for under $200 -- this was all I could find after two hours of solid searching.

I'm sure in a couple of months, everyone from Nina to Nine West will jump on the bandwagon, but for now, this is all there is. Not my favorite by any stretch, either.