09 January 2008

Since I don't (yet)

Swiss-dot shirtdress by Rebecca & Drew
$144 at neimanmarcus.com


ataraxia said...

Johanna, I like this but doesn't it violate your "no butterfly collar" rule?

Johanna said...


my issue with the butterfly collar is primarily when it has a ridiculous wingspan (this one does not) and it's jutting out of a suit jacket.

this is tres adorable to me. not very seasonal at present, but still, for that price...


Anonymous said...

Good choices. I really like shirtdresses and I know my wife would like these two.

Question: is the sizing that R&D use (looks like bra sizing to me) common? Do you know of other brands that do this? It would solve a constant problem my wife has with tops.


Teek said...

rdhd - Tell your wife to check out bravissimo.com - slightly more expensive because they're London based but they're the only other brand that does this that I know of. And the Rebecca & Drew homepage has some great clearance deals.

Jo - Did you see JLoHewitt at the 27 Dresses premiere? She looked *amazing* - much better choice for her body type. (And the vaguely bridesmaid-y dress actually works, considering the film.) One must ignore the french pedi, though.

Johanna said...


I noticed the unusual sizing on these dresses. I've never bought one, but it seems like a fantastic way to ensure that the ladies, if large, won't have to deal with the dreaded "keyhole effect".

let me know how it works out!


p.s. Teek, thank you for posting your recommendation!