04 January 2008

Retro Me, please!

With a new start to a new year always comes a casual quiet after the party-dress storm.

For some, this quiet may come as a relief, even a celebration, but for others, especially those (pointing at self) who live and die by aperitif dinners and opportunities to perfect their Hilary Duff smoky, bronze eye, the sudden paucity of formal occasions is as painful as a roundhouse kick to the babymaker.

Unless you swing with the social elite whose black and white ties never take a break, I'm guessing the party-inclined among you are sharing my open-bar withdrawal and preparing yourselves to suffer until that first bouquet is thrown to kick off (deep breath) Wedding Season '08.

I see two solutions to make it through the next four months.

You could either organize your own events, dressy Saturday drinks or a pretentious, dress-code-specified birthday celebration, for example.

Or, you could force yourself to get excited about something other than party-going.

Introducing Retro Me, a Polish designer's cool new line of relatively affordable dresses, sweaters and jackets, all of which are available exclusively at Stars and Infinite Darkness.

As you'll see below, there is a very 'throwback' feeling to these threads, which, combined with their prim, ladylike silhouettes and classic, muted colors, makes for a fun, sexy way to feel like you're playing a grown-up version of the childhood game of dress-up.

If I hadn't imposed the scissors-to-Visa disciplinary action after last weekend's unexpected one-two Rodriguez-Marni punch, you better believe I'd be struttin' it to CCR in that 'Sweet Rosalie' stunner.


'Bring me Wine & Roses' dress
($170 at starsandinfinitedarkness.com)
'Sweet Rosalie' dress*
'Lucy in the Starlit Sky' dress

I realize this is their third mention on ASJiNE, but you have to admit, if there was ever a perfect pump to pair with these Retro Me dresses -especially the first two- it'd be these '40s-inspired 'Alma' t-straps by Modern Vintage, not those god-awful patent pooties that poor model had to wear.
*for a more universally flattering fit, I recommend raising the hem on this dress to at least at the knee, if not above


Anonymous No More said...


Thanks for the heads up- Retro Me dresses are custom fit.

bff in chicago said...

that first one is mine! MINE!

from a guy's perspective said...

I can't wait for four straight months of not having to wear a suit on a Saturday. This break is bliss for a dude.

jezebel said...

your 'Rosalie' stunner looks like something Melissa Gilbert would've worn on Little House on the Prairie.

Anonymous said...

I do love the "Bring me Wine and Roses" dress, but am I right in thinking it is only for the flat of tummy? A tummy bulge may stand out in a most unflattering way with that band.

Teek said...

Isn't a total contradiction to say a dress is "custom made, only available in a size medium"? Isn't a custom made garment intrinsically one that is cut to fit the wearer perfectly?

kathryn said...

After the Hilary Duff smoky eye, how do you remove your eye make-up? I have yet to find anything that does a thorough job without irritating my eyes.

Anonymous said...

Can't speak for J, but I like the Almay oil-free eye make-up remover pads myself.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of a blow-by-blow on how you do the Hillary Duff eye? I usually restrict my eye makeup to a thin line on top and a thin one one the bottom inner rim. The inner rim tends to smudge though and I have no idea how to do the rest of the look, so I'd love suggestions...

N said...

I don't love the heel on that shoe.

Anonymous said...

that first dress.... *shudders*

cali finale said...

love the first dress but not such a big fan of pump. that heel is just too much for me.

Righteous (re)Style said...

Another designer (or, actually, a design team) that produces designs similar to this is Verrieres & Sako (you can Google them). Unsung Designers sells some of their things. I met the designers in November at the Unsung closing party - great girls. They do this great ruching thing that looks kind of like the rosettes that are everywhere this year, but a bit more unique.

PS - Oh my God does DC need fashion advice! Oh my God . . . seriously.