02 January 2008

The NYE breakdown: neck-eating ruffles 'n' all

For reasons related to a New Year's resolution, I hadn't planned on giving a piece-by-piece rundown of my NYE ensemble -and thus, no, I don't have a full-length photo- but since several of you have asked for one and since I did feel pretty darn stylish that night, I felt I owed it to both my readership and to the lovely five-person team on Third Ave. that championed this look even when the gray tights and the black platforms were still very much pie-in-the-sky hypotheticals, to postpone my less-me-more-fashion resolution by one more day.

At last count, I'd unconsciously and consciously broken two of the three life changes to which I'd committed myself yesterday morning; here's hoping I can go the distance with my intent to drink more water and less sugar-free Red Bull.

Enjoy, and please feel free to share what pretty lil' thing(s) you wore to ring in the new year!

My Dress
Ruffled organza dress by Robert Rodriguez
($363 in-store at Bloomingdale's or online at saks.com)*

For those of you who have actually seen this dress -especially the other reader who also wore my baby RobRod Monday night- please join me in convincing the others that its color is much more a muted Dijon gold than the French's squeeze-bottle yellow you see here.

My Tights
High-waisted Tight-End opaque tights in 'Smoke' by Spanx
($38 at spanx.com)

Chartreuse/gunmetal is fast-becoming one of my new favorite color combinations. It looks like I learned to appreciate yet another aesthetic dreamed up by 'Project Runway's' most talented shoulda-won contestant...
My Shoes
Black patent almond-toed pumps with exposed platform by Marni
(unavailable online, a souvenir from 10022-SHOE)With the added lift, their overall height falls somewhere around five and a half inches -- a full 3/4 of an inch higher than the pump in my collection that previously held the "tallest" title. By the end of the second day of navigating busy city streets in my new lady-stilts, I managed to reduce falls, near falls and general tippiness by more than 50%, statistics that prove beyond a shadow of a doubt what I've always said about daunting heels: "never quit, for practice will eventually make perfect."
My Makeup:

Cover Girl Marathon mascara in 'Noir'
Maybelline Unstoppable eyeliner in 'Onyx'
Maybelline Expertwear shadow in 'Night Sky'
Estee Lauder 'Sun Goddess' bronzer
Revlon ColorStay matte lip color in 'Divine Port Wine'
M.A.C. Lip Glass by Alexander McQueen in 'Nothingless'

*OR $363 less 25% (a friend with an aunt who works in-store is a blessing), less another 15% for officially becoming a Bloomie's cardholder


Jules said...

I am a nosy cow so please dont give us less you! I love the outfit posts

Anonymous said...

stripper shoes

Anonymous said...

are Spanx tights worth the price?

cara said...

your makeup is flawless! I love the punch of wine on your lips!

also, what do you do to get your shoulders so defined?


Anonymous said...

I agree with Jules - don't stop posting about yourself!

Johanna said...

Anonymous 1:16-

You can insult me, you can insult my painted face, you can even insult my dress, but you damn well better respect those Marnis.

huffing and puffing,

Anonymous 1:18-

Yes. 100% worth it.


Thank you. This is actually only the third time in my life I've worn a non-neutral lip color. I kinda liked it...kinda a lot.

So the best way to sculpt shoulders, I've found, is running and push-ups. When I actually stalk my way close to Jennifer Connelly, I'll be sure to ask what it is she does to get hers so perfectly defined.


N said...

anon 1:18, I bought both Spanx and Assets, the budget Spanx for Target brand, and have found no major difference between the two.

Loving the color combination. Now I must go buy something chartreuse.

heartbroken in hawaii said...

Some rules/resolutions are meant to be broken. Please don't eliminate posting about your fabulous outfits. How much can you take away from someone?? The writers are on strike. My favorite local boutique just closed. And now this?? Come on. Who doesn't like to talk about themself?? It's win win.

16th streeter said...

those shoes are uh-*mazing*

I'm in awe that you walked around Manhattan in those...

Anonymous said...

KimKar is engaged, in case you haven't heard. I can't wait to see her in NFL-wife furs and Adriana LaCerva castoffs.

manhattan_darling said...

I must admit the yellow/gray combo looks awesome. I'm not one for ruffles, but it's impossible not to like this dress. So pretty!

I'm frightened of those shoes...how tall were you? Over 6 feet? You're *such* an NYC-er!!!

Anonymous said...

Love it all! My feet ache just thinking about wearing those shoes.

f said...

other than their big deal brandname, that shoe is completely ordinary. if you walked into any store in georgetown, you could find something with a heel that high and with that little platform thingy underneath. why waste your money on something so unexciting?

Anonymous said...

OH! Anon. 2:08 reminded me, I watched a Keeping up with the Kardashians" marathon yesterday - holy cow. I love it, I can see why you're such a Kim fan.

huge fan said...

You've got JennConn's shoulders - STOP!

Passementerie said...

Fabulous dress and I *love* the heels - I must post pics of the perilously high Prada slingbacks I got last year...

Great blog too - so glad I found it!

dc stylist said...

I have to disagree with F about easily finding shoes like these in "any store in georgetown." Unless you're thinking of Hu's, Cusp, or Barney's Co-op, there is no way you'd find a shoe as fierce as these anywhere else.

Steve Madden? They can't make a heel higher than 3 inches that doesn't look like a pole dancer shoe.

p.s. I'm so excited you got Marni! I had you pegged for other brands but not that one.

kudos said...

i am glad to see that a decrease in vanity is a new years resolution for you. seriously, it will make me like this blog more. i am also proud of you for inviting readers to include their attire -- making it more about the readers and less about just yourself.

Anonymous said...

Those Marnis DO look like "pole-dancer shoes." Or maybe a drag-queen shoe.

No offy.

dc girl said...

I don't see how these people can look at that shoe and see a stripper shoe. To me, they look extremely classic with a slight modern edge. Is it because the heel is so high?

kudos, are you joking? you'd seriously like to hear more about J's readers' outfits and style tips than hers?

What the hell is going on here today?

Anonymous said...

jo you are so pretty!

Anonymous said...

Love this blog. Hate its commenters.

bloomie's girl said...

I don't want to freak Johanna out, but I was in the dressing room next to her at Bloomingdale's when she was trying the Robert Rodriguez dress on and I have to say I have NEVER seen sales people in my city fawn over a customer the way they were fawning over her. Even she seemed overwhelmed! She said it was a 5 person team but I think it was more like 8 or 9. Her salesperson brought in the buyer, the floor manager, and three other saleswomen. When I heard her discussing her blog with her friend, I took note and checked it out. So glad I did!

Girl, you belong in Manhattan!

tellin' it like it is said...

when I looked at your makeup Jo, I was thinking less "flawless" and more "draggish". You should really stick to neutral lips. The red isn't doing you any favors.

love the dress, tho.

Anonymous said...

Finally de-lurking to say....
1. I love your blog and greatly appreciate the fact that you post so often, and yet the posts are full of content and well written.
2. Please don'y stop posting about your outfits and your style choices - it's really interesting to see the outfits that you put together and I love sharing in the excitement that your outfits bring you.
3. As a NY-er, I am shocked and awed that you walked in those heels for 2 days....
4. That color combination is brilliant.
And lastly... thank you for reminding me that a serious job is no excuse. I had kind of forgotten, between the all nighters and the crappy East Coast weather.
Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

Love everything but the make up..sorry. And you better not stop posting your outfits and buys!!

Anonymous said...

yuck on the lips, yuck on the hair (I still can't understand why you don't grow it out), yuck on everyone thinking a woman wearing 5 inch heels is some sort of victory and yuck on the ruffle obsession.

is there anyone else in this city that writes a fashion blog, because this site is going downhill fast.

Anonymous said...

if people dont like this blog then just stop reading it. no one is making you read. its her blog and she can post whatever she wants and talk about whatever she wants.

that is a gorgeous dress btw.

Johanna said...

Anonymous 4:54-

As Corky St. Clair would've said, "Yuck on you and your...your ass face!"

no but seriously, if you want another DC fashion blog to peruse, here are a few:


and if you didn't get the above allusion, stop looking at fashion blogs and go rent "Waiting for Guffman".


CDP said...

Lovely dress. I can't imagine trying to walk in those shoes, but they're lovely too.
Keep posting about yourself, too!

marni fan said...

those shoes are architectural art. don't listen to these fools.

gemma g. said...

the site looks so good with some color on it!

Anonymous said...


The ruffles on the dress you're wearing is different than the one in the picture. They are much wider and the shoulder line is narrower then the dress shown... Is that really the dress?... hmmm..

In all seriousness, I love your blog... I would love some suggestions on stylish shoes for a tall girl if you ever feel like it (5'-10").. I can't wear these 5" heels. Thanks.

laura s. said...

you look stunning, but I have to agree with the crowd that thinks you should've nixed the lipstick. it's just too much, ya know?

have you seen any versions of that shoe with a smaller heel?

Kiki said...

I LOVE the berry lipstick! As another woman with big bow shaped lips, I always feel like it's too dramatic... but that picture is making me change my mind.

...and thanks for including me on the listing of fashion blogs! Maybe I should start writing a bit more about fashion and less about me. ;)

sarahsouth said...

yum on the corky st. clair quote

Anonymous said...

you look absolutely fabulous. please never stop telling us about your amazing fashion finds, and more importantly, please never stop posting full-length photographs of yourself! you constantly inspire me to stay far away from carbs and booze with your sinewy figure.

Anonymous said...

I feel this is an appropriate time to lighten the mood a bit with one of my "To Jo, with love" posts. Jo, you are Bruce Springsteen to my Courtney Cox.


bff in chicago said...

hubba hubba, little mama!

virgle Kent said...

Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeah's

And don't get it twisted.... that's fucking hot like fire... NO... extra hot sauce. Keep it real, tell the haters to suck it!

Happy 2008


farah said...

Thanks Jo for posting this. I was really eager to see the whole ensemble. I won't lie, the color on the model is too daring and too bright for my taste. But if you insist the color is muted and looks more like what i can see on your picture (no light tricks), then simply gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Great resolution. You are lovely and fun but I read your blog for fashion - including YOUR outfits. I could maybe live with less of your dog though, especially his bodily functions. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

love the new pictures of your Marnis. They look much better in these. No one could mistake them for pole dancer footwear now. And what a treat, another picture of the little one and his angry chicken toy!

Johanna said...

Anonymous 5:45-

I agree with you that the color and the ruffles look different, but I'm 99% sure it's the same dress. It was that exact price, and everything else looks identical, so...your guess is as good as mine.

p.s. at nordstrom.com, they offer it in gold *and* ecru!

59th & Lex said...

What world does that anon live in to think closed toe pumps are stripper shoes?

I love the dress.

GlamaRuth said...

Love that color combo! Sulphur yellow and smoke grey, ochre and charcoal, daffodil and dove grey, work equally well. A strong lip, which looked great on you, is almost a necessity next to these strong yellows to keep your face from being drained by them. And all that matters about you shoes is that you loved them.