25 January 2008

May-jah Friday (poshin' it up for the 'Rambo' premiere)

You're pre-Rambo-ing with an upscale dinner at 6:30, which means you only have 30 minutes at home to walk the pup and transition your eye makeup from office-appropriate to evening. Instead of changing your entire outfit (and risk being late again), why not try saving time by blending a few of your work separates with a few 'going out' accents?

And remember, the more you dress up during the day, the quicker and easier this transition will be, affording you a few extra minutes to help find the little guy just the right movie for his fabulous Friday night.


If I had a sugar daddy...

Nappa leather jacket by Alexander McQueen
$3,270 at net-a-porter.com
Silk knit top by Pringle of Scotland
$545 at bergdorfgoodman.com
‘Judy’ skirt by Julie Haus
$251 at shopbop.com
Cotton velvet tights by Wolford
£24 at wolfordboutiquelondon.com
'Rolando' platform pumps by Christian Louboutin
$610, in-store only
‘Nancy’ leather clutch by ChloĆ©

Since I don't (yet)

Zip front leather jacket by Halogen
$298 at nordstrom.com
‘Carrie’ silk blouse by Eurythmic
$108 at revolveclothing.com
Double-knit skirt by Vince
$92.50 at shopbop.com
Soft opaque tights by Pretty Polly
$9.75 at mytights.com
Round buckle Mary Jane stilettos
£30 at asos.com
Woven hinge wallet
$20 at urbanoutfitters.com


jessica said...

Love the Sugar Daddy blouse and shoes. Are those Posh's from yesterday?

Anonymous said...

Rambo? Really?

Anonymous said...

Those 'Rolando' platform pumps look pretty painful from the looks of the model's foot in them.

Johanna said...

Yes, that *is* Posh! Good eye!

Yes, RAMBO!!!

Yes, any 5+ inch pump is going to put your foot at an uncomfortably high incline, but the more you practice the more unaware you become of the pain.

Until you're older and all those years of abuse catch up to you...


Anonymous said...

exactly which of these items do you think are office appropriate? Maybe the last shoe but that's it.

K said...

I have that Vince skirt!

Love the jacket... the may-jahly expensive one, of course.

bff in chicago said...

Oh my, that Mcqueen...come to Mommy.

Noelle said...

Re: Anonymous 10:46 - What's not work appropriate about these outfits? The skirts are an appropriate length, the shirts show absolutely no cleavage and the tights are certainly more appropriate than bare legs. The heels are high, but no open-toed.

The first jacket is to die for, BTW.

Anonymous said...

Love it all, but I'm having a hard time seeing $300 as a non-sugar daddy price for a jacket!!

Dave said...

You get dressed up to see "Rambo?" [shakes head] Women.

Johanna said...

I'm not sure if all women get dressed up to see Rambo, but the whole fancy dinner and action movie combo is a tradition I share with my good friend R. That's just how we roll.


it's just Johanna said...

Dave, don't shake your head at the rest of us. It's only Johanna who dresses up for Rambo. In fact, it's only Johanna who even goes to see crap movies like that. Between the Miller Lite and the Stallone, I'm having a hard time having faith in your taste level, Johanna.

fan said...

it's just johanna, don't forget about the dick cheney crush. that's where I stopped relating and just focused on the clothes.

Dave said...

Well, I'm guessing that neither "it's just johanna" or "fan" likes comedies because they are having trouble spotting tongue-in-cheek comments like mine. I wasn't holding Johanna in disdain. I was teasing. And no, it isn't just Johanna. There are a lot of women who think fashion first. That's why websites like aseriousjobisnoexcuse.blogspot.com has a lot of readers. Perhaps you've been to the site?

And don't knock "Rambo." People like these movies. "National Treasure" may be inane but people are going. I know a lot of people who make a living because of those tastes. Well, they don't know. 'Cause of the strike. But they used to.

If a Dick Cheney crush isn't seen as tongue in cheek, then I don't know what is.

Johanna said...

anonymous 12:14-

normally, a $300 coat wouldn't be a 'Since I don't (yet)' item, but considering that it's leather, I made an exception. Unless you're going vintage, finding a decent looking (and of decent quality) leather coat for less than that amount is unlikely.


Um, for serious, the Dick Cheney crush isn't tongue in cheek...I had pictures of his on my walls when I was in middle school. If it makes you feel better, it's not really political -- purely physical.

Rambo was 100% awesome, by the way. So graphic, so '80s throwback, so worth another $11.75 next weekend.