22 January 2008

"high-end" -- let me clarify


When I wrote in my previous post that only "high-end" items would be accepted at the upcoming consignment event, what I meant was, for purposes of both keeping the inventory at a manageable level and to remain consistent with the boutique "feel" of the space, we're looking to only include blouses, sweaters, jackets, jumpsuits (!), trousers, skirts, dresses, overcoats, handbags, clutches, pumps, evening sandals, boots and premium denim that are in not just good but very good condition and that are either appropriate for an office, cocktail or formal setting.

The event will include women's clothes only this time around, but if all goes well, we might try our hand at something bigger and more male-friendly in the Fall.

We very much welcome women of all sizes to donate labels of all kinds that fall into all price points.

We're not brandists, we just want you to use your own good judgment in deciding which pieces to contribute. If something is super cute but falling apart, think twice; if something is in great condition but so ugly even your Mother wonders aloud why it's still in your closet, think twice; if something is perfect but has a minor stain, dry clean it before donating.

You get the point.

More information, most notably, what the event is called, when it will be held and to which location on what day you should drop off your clothing, will be forthcoming.

If you have any more questions on the type of items we're looking for, please e-mail me at ASJiNE@gmail.com


p.s. Montesquieu will be there on shoplifting watch in full security guard regalia, so leave the butterfingers at home!


tooserious said...

Thank you for the clarifications. I didn't think I would be interested in this event before I saw them, but now I am very much interested.

tooserious said...

I also like the idea of a no Uggs and no Crocs rule, either on consignment or worn by participants. (I'm an anti-flip-flop snob, too, but those are so "in" nowadays that I've given that up as a lost cause.)

Anonymous said...

what level are we talking here?

banana republic, ann taylor?

ann taylor loft, gap?

old navy, h&m?

or only even fancier/more unique?

A loyal reader said...

I would almost cull 5 pieces from my already well-edited wardrobe just to catch a glimpse of the snazzy security guard!

gillian said...

this is gonna be so awesome. please pick a date soon!