15 January 2008

For those of you who were admiring her yesterday...

...Ms. Reese's adorable, betuliped housewife-style dress can be acquired (with free two-day shipping) at Revolve for 20%-off the original $308 price-tag using the following promotional code:


I know for many of you (myself included), the threshold for purchasing a new dress you don't need right away hovers around the $250 mark, and because of that, I was eager to share with you the opportunity to add this very versatile and very uniquely-cut dress to your collection for just under that at $246.40.

Happy shopping!

*kudos to HRL for the heads-up!
**note: the 20%-off code applies to any non-sale item at Revolve


Anonymous said...

I just want her shoes!

Johanna said...

the shoes are $164.40 after the discount!


Anonymous said...


Kristen said...

A Tracy Reese dress of a different style but same fabric was in todays Gilt Groupe sample sale and I almost snagged it but it was sold out before I could get my act together at my desk. VERY cute.

san fran fan said...

You rock! Thank you! I went to buy it yesterday from Nordstrom and they were sold out in my size, but now I'm getting it on Friday and for $65 less!