06 December 2007

The perfect pair of goes-with-everything party shoes

As I said in the introductory post, I'm a shoe girl but not a shoe shoe girl. If I were to somehow come across $1,000 in a dark corner of my bank account, you better believe it would go toward this and this, not the delicious Zanottis or Louboutins I've posted below and at right, respectively.

While I love and can appreciate others' evening shoes, for me, the strategy has always been to invest in one simple, unique and versatile pair that can take me from black dress number one all the way through black dress number seven.

You've seen my go-to shoes - they're lovely, yes, but they're also lonely, sitting on the top shelf of my shoe rack with nary another cocktail-party-apropos pair in sight.

But don't feel too much pity for them...in fact, they're coming off the bench for an event this evening, and all of us - my dress, my shoes, my new Shu Uemura's, my black coral and yellow gold Indonesian serpent bangle - are doing everything we can not to look at the clock every five minutes.

For shoe likers and lovers alike, please to enjoy.

'Pretty' peep-toe by Luichiny
($69.99 at heels.com)Ribbon pump by Oh Deer!
($124.99 at heels.com)'Modhi' peep-toe by Guillaume Hinfray*
($240 at barneys.com)
'Whit' pump by Betsey Johnson
'Ettora' pump by Nina
($49.99 at lordandtaylor.com)
Grosgrain sandal with rosette by Marc by Marc Jacobs
($445 at shopbop.com)
'Magnify' pump by Enzo Angiolini
($88.95 at nordstrom.com)
L230 pump by Pura Lopez*
($310 at nordstrom.com)
'Jojus' D'orsay by Nine West
($55.90 at amazon.com)

Velvet peep-toes by Luciano Padovan
($365 at intermixonline.com)
Bejeweled peep-toe by Giuseppi Zanotti*
($628.95 at couture.zappos.com)
'Delicious' sandal by Stuart Weitzman
($193 at couture.zappos.com)

*your Editrix's top picks


laura said...

Ahh, see, yes! These mostly have a bit of meat to their bones; this was what I meant by snow-friendly. I just hate it when you see a pretty winter party dress with South Beach shoes.

Anonymous said...

ok it might just be me...but the tiny peeptoe-type shoes make me feel like i have a cyclopes (big toe toenail) at the tip of each foot staring up at me. it just looks akward. is this how it is supposed to look?

brown rowergirl said...

1. that dog bed is INsane. I can just imagine walking into your tiny studio apartment and seeing it in the center of the room just because His Majesty "prefers" it there.

2. the Zanotti shoes are making me kick myself for passing up the opportunity I had - *we* had - in college to sell our eggs for $25K a pop

3. I just bought the first pair, only partly because they were called "pretty"

have fun tonight, whatever it is you're doing!

helen said...

I just bought the Luichiny shoes as well - but from Zappos where they're a little bit more expensive! Darn it, why didn't I follow your advice to always Google before pressing "place order"???

Anonymous said...

where are yours from? I love them!

Johanna said...

Even though there are none listed from Lori's Shoes in this post, if you see a pair you really like but can't quite justify on her site, she's offering free shipping through 12/10 and here's a 20%-off code (type "toutie" in the prompt) -- together this may make you change your mind...

yay for smart shoe shopping!


west coast devotee said...

you MUST have the Pura Lopez pair. that is all.

maryanne said...

those Hinfray peeptoes are calling to me! I *am* a shoe shoe girl, so it's okay to wear shoes that cost more than the dress, right?

gemma g. said...

thank you! I can't speak for anyone else but for me, this was sorely needed!

dc'er said...

why are there so many outlandishly expensive shoes in this post? $100 is my max, and even if I could afford it, I don't really see the point.

ataraxia said...

ahhh! did you see the most recent nekkid lady for peta?

etcetera said...

holy crap. i actually own something you've featured. j, k, c - take note. i doubt we will see the planets aligned like this again. of course its the cheap, er, i mean, inexpensive nina shoes. love em. and in fact, when i was shopping for them, i did get j's blessing over email. sigh... i'm so co-dependant. they're even cheaper now than they were in march!

lila m. said...

I think everyone in DC is going to be wearing those Luichiny shoes this season, because I just bought a pair as well. And with your 20% code to Lori's, I also picked up some cute flats. Putting the credit card away now...

Anonymous said...

J, I know this asking a lot, but have you seen any velvet peeptoes in that same burgundy color for about 1/3 of the price? The only ones I've found have a 2 inch heel, and I'm looking for something around a 3.5-4.

intern in the city said...

you're at the wrong blog if you have that attitude, dc'er. I can't afford most of these either, but I still enjoy looking. try it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I stare at/drool on those Luciano Padovan ones every time I walk past Intermix and remind myself that almost $400 on burgundy velvet shoes will never reach a reasonable cost/wear ratio.

severedgrrl said...

I really think that Betsy Johnson has great party shoes this season-not just the pair listed.

I just got a pair of black and silver ones from Jean Michelle Cazabat.

Teek said...

The party shoes capturing my heart at the moment are these Le Silla beauties. (Satin Pump with Bow at Saks - it's not linking properly.) I'd love to find something in the way way under $583 range like them.

Has anyone seen the sequin Ribbon Pump in real life? How is the craftmanship? I like the look of them for that price, and they're quite versatile.