14 December 2007

May-jah Friday (flying home for the holidays edition)

If I had a sugar daddy...

Parker bag by Marc Jacobs
($1,250 at eluxury.com)Fairlee box coat by Calvin Klein
($2,175 at net-a-porter.com)
Long printed croc scarf by Yves Saint Laurent
(£350 at brownsfashion.com)Oversized sweater by 12th St. by Cynthia Vincent*
Nori jean by Anlo
($178 at shopbop.com)
Satin/patent platform pumps by Stella McCartney

Since I don't (yet)

Astor Place leather tote by Liz Clairborne
($131.95 at zappos.com)

Melton walking coat by Calvin Klein
($179.60 at nordstrom.com)
Solid scarf with fringe by Wiz
Sheer jersey boatneck top by American Apparel
Cashmere scoopneck sweater by Hayden
($119 at bluefly.com)
Juno straight jean by Denim for Immortality
Cassidy pump by Max Studio
$69.99 at smartbargains.com
*Though thoroughly impractical, I opted not to include a tee underneath this sweater, mainly because I didn't want to detract from its detailing (in addition to the pretty little bat-sleeves, check out the back here) but also because I ran out of time. Besides, when you're flying on a private jet, I hear you can turn the heat up as high as you like, so dressing inappropriately for the wintry Midwestern mix wouldn't be an issue. Okay, I've never actually heard that, but please don't tell me otherwise if you know from firsthand experience. Let me have a few dreams.

Happy holiday parties this weekend! Just remember, contrary to what the adorable David Venable tells you, petit fours and the 'nog do count. Nosh responsibly.


Anonymous said...

The Stella McCartney patent/satin pumps are to die for!!! A new item to add to my Christmas wish list - the list of items that I won't actually be getting, that is. Thanks for keeping me dreaming, Johanna.

sarah said...

J, do you really wear heels like that in the airport?

Johanna said...


Anonymous said...

Do you at least travel with back up flats? If you have to emergency evacuate the plane, high heels can burst the inflatable exit ramps. Tres dangerous.

I know, I know, DD-ing up the place. On a cheerier note, there is no better accessory in flight than a nice pashmina. Who needs a sweater when you have your SD's jacket and a $400 cashmere blanket?

Oh...dear me said...

Go J!
I love Stella pumps!

By the way I am alaways wondering what is your everyday pump, with everyday 4inch heels?
Yea what handbags do you have/like curry?
Happy weekend!

Anonymous said...

I saw those Stella pumps in a recent British Elle and was wondering if in fact you would make an exception for them, seeing as they are pointed and not round like you usually love.

And I have traveled on a private jet, and besides turning up the heat as high as you like, there's also the added bonus of no security! I do hope you fly on one someday and experience the luxury of not causing a frenzy with those bangles of yours.

west coast devotee said...

love how you include your Anlo jeans as the Sugar Daddy pic - is this a cryptic admission??

Maxie said...

Both pairs of shoes are awesome... but for the price I can't pass on the since I don't yet choice.

Candid Cool said...

i wouldnt mind having the ysl croc scarf in my life

Johanna said...

For those of you interested in purchasing the Cassidy pump, click through to smartbargains.com here (http://www.smartbargains.com/?aid=176&PROGRAM=12663&ls_sid=ovg5SUcg7Jk-2D32ovEn7uyspkK00PzuPA) and you'll get an extra 12% off the $69.99.

$61.60 is a little better, right?

nighty night,

Joanna Goddard said...

love those skinny jeans and stella shoes, but damn that is the longest stomach i've ever seen!

Kiki said...

I bought the Cassidy pumps last week! I'm sooo excited for them to arrive...

Oh...dear me said...

Look Stella shoes on sale at Barneys: http://www.barneys.com/b/browse/product.s?productId=500141&source=category&index=6&prodIndex=6&listSize=12&categoryId=544273